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Establish a great little routine

Apr 3, 2019 Rachel Southern
Hallway stacking storage trunks

A daily routine keeps the wheels of family life running smoothly. But sometimes it's easier said than done when life is so busy and your children aren't overly fond of going to bed ... or staying in it. While we can't promise that our products will make every day run like clockwork, they do offer a huge helping hand and encourage children to be that little bit more independent. Curious to know more? Read on!


Wake up to a morning routine that kick starts the day. From clocks to help children know what time to get up and a calendar that allows them to change and set the date (and weather) themselves, we have lots of great little ideas keep things running smoothly.

And don't forget a handy clothes rail. Sort out their clothes the night before and hang them up on the rail to save rummaging time first thing in the morning. It's a nice way to develop a habit of preparation and planning ahead too.

Great little routine

Dinosaur clock / Perpetual calendar / Tomorrow's clothes rail


School bag? Gym Kit? Hat? Gloves? How many times have you stood by the back door reeling off a long check list making sure that your children have everything that they need for the day ahead? There's always something that's been left in the bedroom or has somehow disappeared under the sofa.

Well, we have everything that you need to make your hallway an organised haven and quick exits the norm. Even if your hallway is only small, a simple peg rail with hooks for bags and coats and a shelf for books and gloves will help make the whole process a lot easier.

Great little routine

Storage bench / Peg rail / Stacking storage


Got a bedtime dawdler? Tempt them up to bed with our cosy bedroom ideas. Let them pick their favourite book from our gorgeous cloud book holder and snuggle up in bed to read it. When it's time to sleep, they can pop the book on the bedside table and turn off the lamp - it has a fully enclosed bulb so there's no hot glass to harm little fingers.

Great little routine

Bedside cupboard / Lamp / Cloud book holder


Good nights mean happy mornings, and nothing works better than a cosy bedroom. Think blackout curtains to keep the light out, soft, snuggly bedding that's just the right amount of fun without being distracting, and a mattress that’s the perfect mix of soft and supportive.

Great little routine

Blackout curtains / bedding / mattresses


It can be hard to get children to sit down and do their homework, but our bestselling desks and ingenious desk accessories will have them racing to take a seat. The Whittington desk is smart and space-efficient. It has storage shelves, a useful noticeboard, and an opening for cables. It's great for keeping homework corners organised, in a bedroom or in the corner of a living room.

Great little routineTall Whittington desk / Carry caddy / Cloud notice board


If you're keen to keep things running smoothly, morning, noon and night, there's currently 20 percent off (until midnight on April 8) all products that contribute to a great little routine.

And if you pop over to Instagram, we've teamed up with Little Green Home, Didi And Bud, and Bloom and Blossom to give away a bundle of handy prizes, including a backpack of your choice and our Tomorrow's Clothes Rail. Good luck!

Great little routine

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