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5 Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Sep 21, 2023 Jem Daniels

So many toys, so little space! Finding storage can be tough when it comes to small rooms – particularly when you don’t want to take up too much of the already limited space available. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of five toy storage ideas that are perfect for small spaces to help in your search for a clutter-free space!

Toy Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Toy Box & Book Organisers

The Gulliver Toy Box & Book Organiser can help you tackle two types of clutter at once, making it perfect for smaller bedrooms! This handy front-facing bookshelf is great for displaying the adorable cover art of your child’s favourite tales, while the canvas space is ideal for storing toys.

This amazing multi-tasker even won Best Interiors Product Design (Furniture) at the Junior Design Awards 2020! Check it out here.

Small Toy Boxes

Toy boxes can make tidying up a breeze! Easily reachable for tots, they can simply pop their toys in after playtime. Our small-sized wooden toy box is perfect for narrower bedrooms and nurseries. Made with sturdy MDF, it’s sure to last the years and the built-in safety hinges make it safe for little hands too. Learn more here.

Toy Storage Ideas For Small Living Room  

Modular Toy Storage

If you’re working with limited space in your living room, our Alba Modular Storage range can help. This set boasts a variety of solutions for smaller spaces, from narrow bookcases with built-in drawers, to small cabinets. Plus, it offers an aesthetic, clean and modern feel for your space. See it here.

Rope Storage Baskets

Why not pair your modular toy storage with Rope Baskets? Made from a high-quality cotton-blend, they’re soft and not scratchy at all! Perfect for adding some extra room to stow-away soft toys and other small items after playtime.

Toy Storage Ideas For Hallways & Narrow Spaces  

Stackable Toy Storage

Narrow hallways can be one of the most difficult spaces to find storage for in your home, but our Rackham and stackable storage range could be the solution!

With multiple layouts for toys, books, teddies and more, you can place these units side by side or on top of one another for a tailored approach. Whichever setup you choose, toys will look great in these aesthetically pleasing shelves and trays. See the full Rackham toy storage range here.

Storage Benches

Another handy two-in-one solution is storage benches. The Abbeville Storage Bench is ideal for narrower hallways or foyers where you might want to take a seat to enjoy a book or put on your shoes.

There you have it! Five great easy toy storage ideas for small bedrooms, living rooms and narrow spaces to optimise your home. View our full range of storage furniture here.

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