Dolls & Doll's Houses

Let them enjoy hours of invaluable role play with our doll’s house range. Combine our beautiful, wooden doll’s house and the coordinating doll’s house furniture for a Christmas present that’s bound to bring a smile to your child’s face. You could also opt for some of our doll’s accessories, like our Doll’s Cot and matching bedding; they’ll inspire heaps of nurturing pretend play. For more imagination sparking role play toys, check out wooden play kitchens.

Seaview Wooden Doll's House
30% off
Doll's House Family
Doll's House Furniture - Kitchen
50% off
Doll's House Furniture - Living Room
50% off
Doll's House Furniture - Bathroom
50% off
Doll's House Furniture - Bedroom
50% off
Doll's House Furniture - Children's Bedroom
50% off
Emily Doll's Cot
20% off
Emily Doll's High Chair
25% off
Emily Doll's Pram
30% off
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