The Best Space-Saving Kids’ Beds for Small Rooms

It can be a challenge keeping kids’ bedrooms tidy! Especially when space is limited - but by choosing the right furniture for your children’s room, you can easily add a lot more storage  to put away all their books and toys! With that said, here are our best space-saving kids’ bed ideas for small rooms to help keep things neat.

Kids’ Bunk Beds with Storage for Small Rooms

The Paddington Bunk Bed is compact making it perfect for small rooms and for adding extra adventure! Paired with our bed curtains, the second bunk can be transformed into a fun play den that kids are sure to enjoy.
The bed also offers plenty of underbed space for added storage, like our handy underbed storage drawers, perfect for keeping bedrooms neat and tidy. Plus, these two products match for an aesthetically pleasing solution!


Kids' Bunk Beds with Storage & Desk

The Nimbus Cabin Bed has plenty of nooks and crannies for putting stuff away. With several built-in shelves, its own desk and wardrobe, it may just be one of the most space-efficient children’s beds you’ve seen.
It doesn’t stop there; the Nimbus Cabin bed is also ambidextrous, and the ladder can be set up on whichever side of the bed feels right to you. Overall, this handy furniture is perfect for smaller rooms and making the most of your space.


Kids’ Bunk Beds with Storage & Stairs

Need a bunk bed with stairs instead of a ladder? Our Pioneer Storage Bunk Bed could be the perfect solution!
With a handy stair rail, this bed is perfect for kids who aren’t as comfortable with climbing a ladder. Plus, it comes with several built-in shelves and lots of underbed space for putting away toys, books, and clothes.


We hope we’ve helped inspire you to make the most of your small space with these handy space-saving kids’ beds! Order yours and make your space clutter-free or explore our full range of kid's beds here.

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