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I don't know about you but with two rugby-playing children, I, Rachel, often find that our hallway is home to more grass and mud than can be found in our garden. Boots, bags, sports equipment, gum shields and head guards are needed at the weekends and shoes, book bags, homework folders, PE kits and pencil cases during the week. I'm not going to lie, it means that path leading to our backdoor often resembles a rather chaotic jumble sale. As you can imagine, it's not the most inviting scene for anyone popping round or visiting.

Over the past couple of years we've been using the Poppins toy chest to house all the shoes and sports paraphernalia but now the boys are bigger, and their kit is larger, we're in need of something a bit more substantial. I think GLTC's stacking storage could be the answer for us, but in case your hallway is in need of organising too, let's take a look at all of the options.


For smaller hallways, the Abbeville small shelf is a winner. It provides a perch for door keys and flowers (although, beware placing vases on top if you have cricket bat-swinging children ... it will not end well). Team it up with ivory and willow green storage baskets to keep going-out essentials neat and tidy. The oilcloth storage cubes have the added bonus of being wipe-clean so are ideal for a busy family with a plethora of sports shoes to find a home for.

Storage for hallways


My personal favourite is this gorgeous look. It's perfect for larger homes with a more generous hallway. The grey stacking storage trunks sit beautifully against a white backdrop and keep shoes and hats close to hand; perfect for when you’re in a rush to get the kids out of the house on time (every day for the school run, in my case). Again, I'd recommend the oilcloth storage cubes. They really are amazing. And this time, you can just about spot them in grey and white.

Storage for hallways


If your hallway is a touch on the small side, or even if you want to make the most of your wall space in a larger room, why not hang the star bright wall shelves with hooks above a bench? That way you get shelves for popping money and keys on, hooks for hanging bags, coats, and possibly dog leads and a place below to sit when tying laces. They really are a winning combination.

Storage for hallways


If you're after an elegant but organised hallway, you'll love this combination of grey, stone and ivory. It's one to truly stand the test of time. The Abbeville long shelf is a brilliant buy as it provides storage for shoes, hats and gloves and is also a handy ledge for putting keys and family photos. The sturdy rope storage baskets are a family-friendly but grown up option and are really roomy. If you fancy adding a noticeboard to pin letters, timetables or homework schedules, take a look at the cloud noticeboard. It would be a great addition to a hallway.

Storage for hallways


The stacking storage trunks are a dream for busy family hallways. They’re great for quickly popping shoes and school bags in, leaving your hallway clear from trip hazards. My two boys are better at throwing than putting away so I see these open trunks as my only hope for having a shoe and bag-free hallway. The grey works really well with wood accessories. They add a touch of warmth. The This Way That Way wall shelf is another favourite of mine. I'd actually love several of them in my kitchen to display my favourite plates, cups and mugs. What do you think?

Storage for hallways


For larger hallways or wider corridors, the Abbeville bench combined with the larger nine cube storage provides a massive amount of space and opportunity to store shoes and bags. Again, the rope storage baskets are brilliant for hiding everything. Why not assign a basket to each family member? It would be a nice way to give each child the responsibility for looking after (and putting away) their own things.

Storage for hallways


Good things come in small packages, right? The Abbeville small bench is a superstar for narrow or teeny hallways. It provides a handy perch to sit on, as well as space for storage, and its neutral white and grey palette makes it a versatile piece for any room. It's also a great window seat for bedrooms and playrooms. It's the perfect place to sit and read a book or look out of the window.

Storage for hallways


If you’ve got a roomy hallway, opt for a storage bench, plus extra cube storage to keep shoes and cold weather items neat and tidy - this time in white rather than stone. The shaker peg rail matches up with this neutral, earthy hallway look and is a helpful home for coats and bags. And don't forget a rope storage basket or two - the ivory and natural one goes brilliantly with this look.

Storage for hallways

What do you think of all the hallway looks and the different storage options? Do you have a favourite?

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