Real Rooms: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

Today, we have the loveliest little girl's bedroom to share with you. We spotted it on Instagram and knew that we had to chat to mum, Vickie, about it. We think you're going to love its calm but pretty vibe and all the amazing accessories that bring it to life. Let's take a closer look.

Real Room: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

Who lives here:  Myself Vickie, my husband Trevor, our daughter Grace (aged 5) and our dog, Geoffrey.

Room: My daughter Grace's new bedroom - she has a brother coming soon, so we recently moved her to a bigger room.

Can you tell us a little bit about the room and how it's used?

Grace loves her new bedroom; she often sits playing in it with her dolls and toys. Now we have also added a desk, she does her home work and reading in here too and I often find her colouring at her desk.

Real Room: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

She loves the independence of getting her own clothes out of the wardrobe and basically feels more grown up in this room (the baby arrives in August so we moved Grace in here earlier to help get her settled in advance). The bookcase has been a great addition too, as it's situated just by her bed and she choses her favourite book every night.

What was your inspiration behind the décor?

I wanted it to be a room that was a little more grown up for my daughter and would grow with her. I want her to love being in it for a good few years to come. And it had to be a fun and colourful place that she can play in with her friends. Toy storage was also important in order to free up some space downstairs.

Real Room: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

If you could make any changes, what would they be?

I'm pretty happy with how the room turned out, really. I will still add some additional accessories as you can never have enough, maybe a wall sticker or some extra prints. I love buying bedding and cushions so swap these around now and then. And of course, any extra storage is always a bonus.

Real Room: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

What's your top tip for using pink in a room without making it feel too young?

I chose a slightly duskier pink by Benjamin Moore. It's less of a sugary pink and worked with the existing accessories we had. I decided that I would only half paint the room in it, therefore not to over do it and make it too pink. I like adding the monochrome accessories as these have a great contrast against the white and pink and add a slightly more grown up edge.

Real Room: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

Which GLTC products would you recommend?

We love the bookcase as it holds so many books and they're easy for my daughter to reach. We love the monochrome bed covers and I also have the stacking storage boxes in the playroom. They're great to throw lots of toys in and keep everywhere tidy but again, they're easily accessible.

Real Room: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

And do you have your eye on any others?

I'm looking at the grey bookcase for the new baby's room, and I love the white and grey baskets - they're great for storing soft toys in.

What makes a happy home for you?

A happy home to me is creating spaces that are fun, bright but also practical - I want our family to enjoy living in them. I love cushions, and prints and have lots. It's a good way to make a small update to a room without spending a fortune!

Real Room: A Perfectly Pink Little Girl's Room

A huge thank you to Vickie for sharing Grace's room with us. If you want more interiors inspiration you can follow Vickie on Instagram or check out her website, Interior Therapy.

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