Real Life: How To Get Organised For Christmas

How to get organised for Christmas

The tree might not yet be up in the GLTC office but there's most definitely a festive feeling in the air. Have you had a chance to look at our Christmas decorations? The stockings and sacks are flying off the shelves so we can only assume that there's a lot of children on Santa's nice list this year. And if you're looking for toy inspiration, we have an interview with GLTC's very own toy designer coming up next week - stay tuned for his top picks for 2018.

With so much to arrange in order to get ready for the big day, we recently asked our testing team for their top tips to on how to get organised for Christmas. Don't we all need a bit of help, even if it's a friendly reminder to sit down, take a breath, sip on a warm glass of mulled wine, and relax - or try to - amidst the chaos.  We're sure that you'll have many of your own tips too, so do share them in the comments (or tweet us @Gltco). Us parents are in this together, right?


How to get organised for Christmas

Kerri-Ann from Life As Our Little Family recommends starting early and visiting a Christmas tree farm as soon as they open:

'Don't be afraid to start early - whether it's testing your lights to see if any bulbs are broken, booking your supermarket food delivery slot, or shopping for gifts. Make November your plan-ahead month, leaving December free to enjoy the festivities. 

Visit a Christmas tree farm as soon as they open so you aren't left disappointed. The smell is divine and leaves your house smelling all festive from the moment you loosen the branches. We have an annual tradition of visiting our local tree farm the weekend before December 1st. Pop on your wellies, grab a tape measure and stomp through the farm to seek out the biggest festive bush.'


How to get organised for Christmas

Charli from Candidly Rhubarb suggests a relaxed approach:

'Try not to get too caught up in the stress of it all. Keep it simple. Don’t over do it and don’t pressure yourself to pull off every single tradition that you see on social media, plus a Masterchef-worthy dinner for 20! All that really matters is time spent together, a tub of chocolates (of course) and your favourite Christmas movie.'


Taryn from 3 Little Ladies And Me has a fantastic formula for picking out the perfect presents for your children:

'I start my Christmas shopping in November and use this simple formula to keep me focused, on track and to budget when shopping for the children - something to read, something to cuddle, something to build, something to wear, something they need, something to play imaginatively with, something to get creative with, something that is a treat, something to watch, something for the bath, something they have asked for. It helps me feel organised and think about what I'm buying even if I end up ordering it all in December!'


How to get organised for Christmas

Caro from The Twinkle Diaries has a huge sort out every November:

'Every November, since we’ve had the twins, I’ve done a huge sort out of their toys and clothes. By the end of the year, there are so many things that they’ve outgrown or no longer play with. These get passed on to family and friends, or listed on Ebay and local Facebook groups. It gives a really good opportunity to assess what they need — or particularly want — and is perfect timing for writing those all important letters to Father Christmas!'


How to get organised for Christmas

Katy from Hot Pink Wellingtons isn't a fan of wrapping, so she recommends wrapping as you buy:

'I hate wrapping presents - I'm terrible at it, and struggle to make even the simplest of things look neat. I try to wrap each present as I buy it, saving me the stress of having a huge mountain of presents to wrap come Christmas Eve! Plus, it means that even if the kids find the present stash (which is surely all part of the fun), they still won't know what's inside.'


How to get organised for Christmas

Emily from My Petit Canard is also a fan of a pre-Christmas declutter.

'In the run up to Christmas, make time for a good declutter. Sort and tidy toys, get rid of broken ones and missing parts or knick knacks strewn around the home. Having a good clear not only helps smarten things up for the festive season but also helps make room for all the new toys at Christmas.'


How to get organised at Christmas

And me? Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely? Well, I'd recommend writing a list of absolutely everything that needs to be done or bought, and delegating. It's sometimes hard to relinquish control when you want everything to be completed in an exact way. BUT, better done than perfect. And better a few things done by other people rather than running yourself in to the ground. Christmas is about kindness after all, so start by being kind to yourself.

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