How to Declutter your Child’s Space

As we welcome in a fresh new season, it's the perfect excuse to declutter and get more organised.

If there’s one thing that comes with the territory of a growing family, it’s the constant need to find room in which to store everything in an organised yet accessible way - from clothing to shoes and of course, the ever increasing collection of toys.

Thankfully, we are ready to come to the rescue with our collection of clever storage solutions to make organising children’s spaces a real breeze. With pieces to suit rooms of all shapes and sizes, our furniture is both functional and long lasting with a timeless appeal.

Top Tips for Buying Storage

A good starting point is to assess the room and get a feel for its overall dimensions. Take some key measurements which will allow you to narrow down your search. Quality over quantity most certainly applies here. By investing in quality pieces built to last, they will pay you back dividends, enjoyed for years to come and passed down through generations.

Read on for our handy guide to achieving a functional yet tidy space, with top storage ideas for a happy home.

Hanging Around

Packed full of storage potential, Paxon offers the ultimate in modular wall storage. This multi-tasking system is a real winner, particularly for those areas where floor space is limited. . Fully flexible, each set can be arranged into a multitude of combinations, all tailored to your individual needs. Simply ‘pick and mix’ from the different options to create a dream set up incorporating hooks, shelving and book ledges that bring order to any set up.

Story Time

Books are essential for growing imaginations, yet always seem to create a dilemma on where and how to store them so that they can be accessed with ease, yet stored neatly when not in use.  Cue our collection of clever book storage. With so many options to choose from,  creating your very own little library for budding bookworms to enjoy really is as easy as A,B,C.  Take a look at our best-selling Greenaway range. From freestanding to wall mounted, these sturdy and stylish heroes make the perfect home for favourite reads as they are forward facing for easy reach. If you’re looking for maximum tidy up potential, look no further than the Wonderland Bookcase.  With a choice of space for cube storage as well as front facing shelving and space for book storage on each side, it’s the ideal solution for mess free living.

Get Organised

Just like Paxon, Alba is a real game changer for kitting out awkward spaces. With an array of options to help achieve a bespoke ‘built in’ look , it can handle all of your storage needs with cupboards, shelving and drawers as well as toy box units – the ultimate tidy up essential for any kids room.

Personalise your space by adding a selection of canvas cubes or woven storage baskets in various prints, textures and colours to complement your décor theme.

Storage Staples

Help clear the chaos with Rackham, a handy stacking storage solution which works well not just in the kids room but living spaces and even bathrooms too.

The Abbeville range is another must have for busy family lives. With its classic style and versatile design, choose from bench storage units with comfy, cushioned seating, to pull out trays featuring a multitude of compartments for bringing order to bits and bobs.

Bunk Up

The best-selling Paddington Mid Sleeper Bed is a design triumph and a great example of adaptable, multi-tasking furniture done well. A good choice for smaller spaces, it is compact yet jam packed with hidden, pull-out storage power. The natural curtains attach (and detach) easily to create an instant under bed hideout for little adventurers.  As they grow, simply add the toy storage unit that fits snugly into the space or create a space saving study station with the roll out desk that neatly tucks away when not in use.

We hope this Great Little read has filled you with ideas to make your children’s space inviting, organised and clutter free.  Take a peek at our full range of inspiring storage solutions that fit seamlessly into modern family life.

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