The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside

Hooray for sunny days and warm evenings!

Hasn't the British weather been kind to us over the past few weeks? And it's set to continue, too. According to the Met Office, we have a three month heatwave to look forward to, seeing us through to the end of August.

Sun cream and straw hats at the ready!

Not only is it a wonderful opportunity for us to shake off our raincoats and temporarily warm our bones, it's the ideal time for our children to become reacquainted with the great outdoors and take their much-loved toys outside for a change.

Let's take a look at some of our best toys to inspire fun and games in the garden.


The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside

Jam then cream? Cream then jam? However you like your scones, how about a decadent afternoon tea al fresco?

Sound good? 

Pick a sunny spot, perhaps lay a play table or two and take a laden tea trolley outdoors to tempt the teddy bear guests. The afternoon tea set and berry tea set are ideal for imaginative role play; childhood classics that are made of wood meaning they're sturdy enough for even the most raucous of tea parties. 

Take a look at GLTC's entire play food range to inspire further creative play.


The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside


We're yet to meet a single child (or parent, for that matter ... the magnetised scoop will soon have you reaching for your favourite flavour, we assure you) that can resist the Lolly & Scoop ice cream shop. The set comes complete with ice cream, lollies, cones, tubs, wafers and sauce and although made out of wood, it's light enough to be moved from room to room, or home to garden.

And don't forget a family picnic blanket to pop your ice cream parlour on.


The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside


The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside

What better place for art and creative play than somewhere far, far away from clean walls, floors and rooms in general. In all seriousness, for budding artists, gardens are such inspiring places. So many colours, textures and interesting things to look at or include in 3D artwork.

GLTC's wooden art easels come in natural, red and pink and feature a blackboard, paper roll holder, and a shelf for paint pots and chalk. And take a look at these magnetic art frames perfect for displaying finished masterpieces.


The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside


Our teepees are not just awesome indoor dens for little adventurers; they're also an amazing garden hideaway, a shady spot to play on a sunny day, a cosy outdoor book nook on a warm evening, and even the perfect picnic area due to their detachable, washable base. As they're so easy to put up and take down, you can even take them with you on beach trips in lieu of an umbrella.

Choose from the square-based woodland, grey stardust or zigzag designs. The new outdoor bean bags are worth checking out, too!


The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside


The Great Outdoors: Toys To Take Outside

If ever there was a play kitchen more suited to being outdoors than in, it's the festival food van, and thanks to two sturdy castors on one end, you won't have any trouble in moving it out in to the garden. The retro design makes is such a cool place to hang out. You could even let your child serve real snacks and drinks from it at summer parties; it's a great way to encourage imaginary play and social skills

Playing with toys is such an important part of learning and developing new skills. Take your pick from GLTC's full range of classic toys and games.

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