Shared Spaces

Children love to play near their parents; cue the need for stylish yet practical storage in family rooms. Explore our ideas for shared, family spaces here.

monochrome play space in living room

Zigzag Shared Space >

Our Abbeville Cube Storage is the bee’s knees when it comes to keeping toys tidy in shared, family rooms. Team it up with some monochrome accessories & pops of colour for a fun yet contemporary look everyone will love.
white playroom storage, white activity table for kids

Alba Shared Space >

Our oh-so-versatile Alba Playroom Storage looks great in shared spaces, as well as playrooms. Keep a unit or two, plus a child-sized table near to parent HQ so children can easily reach their toys, and have a space for play while you rustle up dinner.
White & grey star themed playroom

Bodmin & Abbeville Shared Space >

Zone off a play area with a cosy rug and our Bodmin Play Table & Storage Drawers. Our Bright White Abbeville Storage provides lots of room for toys once playtime is over, yet also keeps a space looking sleek & stylish.
white, ivory & rainbow star living room look

Rainbow Living Room >

Looking to create a space both grown-ups and children love to spend time in? Our Rainbow Living Room is what you need: a light and airy canvas made up of neutral hues and natural textures, plus eye popping primary colours to excite little eyes.
abbeville white cube storage unit in a kitchen

Abbeville Kitchen Space >

With open plan living, you need storage that slots seamlessly between your kitchen and living spaces. Our Abbeville range has plenty of room for cook books, crockery, children’s toys and all sorts of odds and ends.
white, grey and willow green storage for family bathrooms

Family Bathrooms >

A place for everything and everything in its place is a great motto for the whole house, including the bathroom! It's only inevitable that you'll end up with lots of bits and bobs in a family bathroom, so keep them neat & tidy with our bathroom storage ideas.  
white abbeville twelve cube storage unit in family kitchen

Abbeville Shared Space >

With a mix of rustic materials and bright, inviting colours, this contemporary look is perfect for shared family spaces. Finish it off with some sleek Oilcloth Storage Cubes; they come in neutral colours and have plenty of room for toys!
Gulliver Toy Organiser in Kitchen

Gulliver Shared Space >

Keep the kids close by with an inviting, shared space they’ll love to play in, while you get on with other things. Our Gulliver Toy Organiser will always be on hand to make sure they can easily reach their favourite toys & books themselves.
Shared family space with rackham toy storage

Rackham Shared Space >

Who knew toy storage could look this chic? Combined with rustic rope storage baskets and stylish accessories, our Rackham Stacking Storage can revolutionize a shared, family space – it’s a pro at neatly hiding away kids’ toys come bedtime.
oilcloth storage cubes in laundry room

Oilcloth Utility Room >

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to maintain a pristine laundry room, but our Oilcloth Storage Cubes are here to give you a helping hand. They’re great for hiding mounds of never-ending laundry and perfect for sorting darks and lights.
white six cube storage unit filled with rope storage baskets and folded laundry

Abbeville Landing >

Make the most of every inch of space in your home with our Abbeville Cube Storage. It looks gorgeous in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways. Style it with our Rope Storage Baskets to revitalize even the most neglected of corners.