White playroom storage and zigzag rug

Zigzag rug playroom and white modular toy storage

Zigzag Playroom

Our striking zigzag rug is one that kids and grown-ups both love! It’s the perfect centrepiece for a playroom, or play area in an open-plan living space. Team it up with our Bright White Alba Playroom Storage to maximise your space.

Alba Storage Set 6 (Regular)
10% off
Alba Storage Set 2 (Narrow)
10% off
Rope Storage Basket, Grey
15% off
Zigzag Rug, Large
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Washable Bean Bag, Grey Stardust
15% off
Abbeville Storage Bench Set (White Bench & Grey Stardust Cushion)
Mini Rope Storage Baskets (Set of 3)
Reward Chart, You're a Star
Afternoon Tea Set
Bernie's Number Bus
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