Gifts for 5-8 year olds

The best activities for 6+ year olds are ones that encourage creativity and problem-solving. Check out our range of exciting wooden toys & accessories designed to stimulate little minds and kick-start enthralling adventures.

Marshmallow Play Kitchen
Sixpence Play Shop & Theatre
30% off
Devon Market Stall
Piccolo Play Cafe
Star Beans Coffee Shop
Lolly & Scoop Ice Cream Shop
Construction Site Set
Willow Toy Farm
Willow Farm Tractor
Construction Vehicles Set
Seaview Wooden Doll's House
Doll's House Family
Doll's House Furniture - Kitchen
50% off
Doll's House Furniture - Bedroom
50% off
Doll's House Furniture - Bathroom
50% off
Doll's House Furniture - Children's Bedroom
50% off
Ambulance Doctor's Set
Fix It Workbench
30% off
A Job Well Done Wooden Tool Set
Play Teepee, Grey Stardust
More colours available
Play Teepee, Zigzag
More colours available
Teepee Storage Bag
Play Teepee, Woodland
More colours available
More colours available
Time For Tea Trolley, White
Toy Microwave
50% off
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