Midwife Pip’s 5 Top Tips for Your Birth Preparation

Meet, Pip, she’s an experienced Midwife who’s on a mission to create a pregnancy wellness movement through her online antenatal classes and postpartum support services. Over on her Instagram she shares helpful tips on topics such as nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, as well practical, honest information about things like gas and air and pelvic floor exercises! She’s also the host of an invaluable podcast: The Pregnancy Wellness Podcast.

Since we launched our new Nursery collection last Autumn, we want to make sure we can provide practical tips for expectant parents as well as room inspiration, so we asked Pip to share her top five tips to help you prepare for your baby’s birth and to choose her favourite pieces from our Nursery range. Over to Pip…

Midwife Pip


  1. This MUST be number 1 on the list! Invest in yourself and your birth by seeking out expert knowledge from classes, blogs, and books. It will help you feel empowered and informed.


  1. Prepare your mind as birth is a hugely psychological event. Reach out to friends and family to discover positive birth stories and fill your head with positive affirmations.


  1. Practise breathwork techniques. In the first stage of labour the main physical change is your cervix being pulled upwards into the womb to allow it to open or dilate. Everything is happening in an upward motion, so we want to support this with calm, upward breathing techniques. You can use visualisations to support this such as a coloured balloon filling up in your stomach as you inhale and floating up into the sky as your exhale.


  1. Perineal massage – this is a physical form of birth preparation that can really be our friend. You can find a demonstration of this massage on my Instagram Reels.


  1. Eating 6 dates a day and 2-3 cups of raspberry leaf tea from 36 weeks can have some very positive effects on labour induction. So, feel free to get nibbling and sipping away!


And of course, GET EXCITED!

I am SO passionate about antenatal education, so have set up my own live, online, small group or private classes to make sure you can receive the very best preparation. You can find all of the details over on my website.



One of the best ways to get excited and to feel prepared for your little one’s arrival is by designing and decorating their nursery. Great Little Trading Company has got us covered with their gorgeous nursery collection.

Abbeville white storage unit

  1. Abbeville Storage Shelf Unit

This is super versatile and provides the perfect storage solution for nurseries or playrooms alike. Ideal for neatly tucked away toys, books, arts and crafts – you name it – and it can easily be used as a piece of furniture elsewhere later on too!

Rope storage baskets in ivory & sage

  1. Rope Storage Baskets

I just love the different styles, designs, and colours of these baskets and they tuck beautifully into the Abbeville Storage Shelf Unit to give a contemporary yet super practical touch.

Large classic toy box in nursery

  1. Large Classic Toy Box Seat

This toy box is just cuteness overload. I love the incorporation of the seat making it a really great way to double up seating and storage in any space in your nursery or home!

Woodland-themed nursery

  1. Washable Beanbag

The terms washable and baby are a winning combination for starters. But I love the array of gorgeous patterns available to suit any nursery decor. Once your little one hits 3 years and is big enough to use this beanbag it will be sure to be their favourite seat and the cute pictures you will take will be endless!

Mother and baby using light blue playmat in nursery

  1. Portable Quilted Playmat

What a genius design! This playmat rolls up so you can use it as much at home as you can out and about and the quilted design ensures surfaces are soft enough for your little one to enjoy playtime on. The Woodland Animals design also wins cuteness points, for sure!


Happy Birth and Nursery Preparation!

Midwife Pip



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