With families spending more and more time under one roof over the coming weeks, I, Rachel, can't help but think that it's going to have a huge impact on how we use the space that's available to us in our homes. Room functions will inevitably have to alter slightly with more parents working from home and our children needing extra space to study or to stretch out and play.

My own children - aged 7 and 9 - have been off school for a week now and while they're not outwardly worried by the news, I've noticed that they're increasingly keen to be close by. It's meant finding a happy medium where I can get some work done but still be on hand for a little bit of reassurance should they need me.

Turn your living room into a shared space with versatile toy storage

As a result, a couple of days ago, I made the decision to reshuffle the furniture and say a temporary farewell to the bar cart that normally resides in the corner of our living room and instead welcome the 
Alba Playroom Storage that normally lives in our hallway. While this family room was once a relatively toy and work-free zone, it's now become the place where the boys play while I tap away at my laptop.

I've worked for, and been a customer of, Great Little Trading Co. for a few years now, so as you can probably imagine, I have quite a few products dotted around my house. This little play corner that I've created combines some of my favourites, and here's why I chose them.


Alba toy storage for living room set

Launched in Autumn 2019, I was quick to buy several pieces from the Alba Playroom Storage range to keep the tidal wave of toys from taking over our home. The boys love Lego, cars, arts and crafts, and books, so we tend to have lots of little bits and pieces, partly-constructed builds and colouring pencils around the house that need a home at the end of every day.

I chose the Alba range for several reason reasons:

  1. There are multiple pieces in the range and they slot together in a multitude of ways. It means that, once you've measured the space you have available, you can basically configure a bespoke storage unit.
  2. The mix of closed compartments and open spaces enables you to shut the doors and not feel like everything has to be neatly arranged.
  3. The design is really, really neat so the units don't scream 'TOY STORAGE'. Alba is so chic and simple, it can be used in any room of the house.
  4. Should you wish, you can add colour and character with GLTC's Storage Cubes and Baskets.
  5. Modular storage offers extra flexibility. If you want to add additional units, you can. If you’d like to rearrange the units or separate them, it’s entirely doable.

Alba, perfect toy storage for living rooms

I didn't buy the toy storage specifically for this spot in my living room but for all the reasons above, it's slotted in seamlessly and almost looks like it's been made for the space. They boys have a lot of their toys to hand now but my living room doesn't feel like it's been transformed in to a playroom. And the Kids' Toy Box Base? The amount of Lego it holds is incredible. It's so roomy.

Turn your living room into a shared space with versatile toy storage


Turn your living room into a shared space with versatile toy storage

I love GLTC's rope storage baskets. The canvas cubes with their colourful designs are brilliant for children's bedrooms and playrooms but I really like the muted colour palettes of the rope baskets for more grown up spaces. I chose the Grey Belted ones for my living room. They might be filled with a whole ton of toys but from the outside, they look chic and stylish and can be popped on top of the storage unit - or in one of the open compartments if you don't want to have any toys or books on show.


Turn your living room into a shared space with versatile toy storage

I'm a huge fan of rugs. They help to create little zones within rooms and add a layer of warmth when you live in an old house, as we do. GLTC's rugs feel extra luxurious because they're made from 100% pure wool. They're incredibly soft for children to play on.

While I personally think the On The Road Rug is the best children's rug I've ever come across, for a family room, you can't go wrong with the neutral Luna Round Rug for creating a small play area. And the charcoal edging ties in really nicely with the rope baskets, don't you think?

See more of our Shared Spaces for inspiration.

Turn your living room into a shared space with versatile toy storage

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