As we slowly edge towards the end of the school summer holidays and the start of a brand-new term, it’s time to take a look inside the book bags that were flung in the hallway on the last day of school and check if any homework was set for the six-week break. Fingers crossed, not. But you don’t want to be caught out at the beginning of September when you spot that your child was asked to pen a weekly homework diary complete with photos, memorabilia and a 3-minute iMovie.

It's not just a children's desk ...

If you’ve ever thought about giving your child’s bedroom a spruce up and investing in a beautiful children’s desk, September is the perfect month. If your little one is excited about heading back to school, a desk of their very own will cement that happy-feeling. And, on the flip side, if your child is a bit nervous, having a creative hub at home that they have control over could help to ease those butterflies.


It's not just a children's desk ...

While most children are content to spend time drawing and colouring at the kitchen table in the midst of the hustle and bustle of family life, the constant need to clear things away for meal times or simply because parents can’t take any more glitter and stickers all over their table and chairs means that it’s not always the ideal place to get creative.

Their very own desk offers them the space to spread out and lose themselves in whatever imaginative creation they dream up on any given day. They can cut out shapes, paint, glue, draw, pretend they’re in an office just like mummy and daddy, or make models out of whatever they can find in the recycling bin … one man’s trash is another’s crafting heaven!

If you’re worried about your child keeping their desk tidy or where to store everything, younger children will love our colourful carry caddies and desk tidies, and for those a little older, the spinning desk organiser is fantastic (and fun).


It's not just a children's desk ...

Having a dedicated spot for homework is also beneficial for a child as it helps to keep everything organised and establish a good homework routine. They can come home from school, grab their books (and a drink and a snack), and sit at their desk with everything to hand and get their homework done before they inevitably want to watch their favourite TV show or play a game.

Create a homework schedule and pop it on a noticeboard above their desk – it’s also a great place to pin any certificates or prints – along with one of our incredibly popular Greenaway mini bookcases to store books, comics, notepads and pencil pots. If your child needs a little extra light above their desk, ignore the name, the bunk bed light will also clamp on to the bookcase offering directional lighting whenever it’s needed.


We're coming up to the very best of the four seasons for nature-themed crafting and learning - Autumn! It's the time of the year where every outdoor walk sees pockets filled with fallen treasures and a plethora of sticks and branches lying on the ground ready to be taken home and transformed. Last year we went foraging with Mr Fox and made magical staffs. We're in the process of dreaming up more ideas for autumnal crafting and outdoor adventures so stay tuned. 

It's not just a children's desk ...

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