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Oct 18, 2018 Rachel Southern
Mr fox book cart

When it comes to outdoor adventures and seasonal crafting, summer may have the warmth but autumn most definitely has the best golden glow and natural treasures. It's a gift of a season for parents. Potentially not for those of us who spend cold and frosty weekend mornings on the sidelines, but for the remaining part of the day, when we can get out and about to crunch through leaves and return home for the creamiest of hot chocolates, what's not to love?!

Living in the North Wales countryside, I, Rachel, am blessed to have views of gardens and greenery (less green, more rust, at the moment, admittedly) out of nearly every window. It's great for opening up the back door and encouraging the boys to go out and play. Their one issue? No dog! I'm yet to be convinced of another living thing to look after but the children are keen. We'll see.
Mr fox wooden box cart

Last week, to test their animal-walking skills, I sent them on a trip around the garden with a fox. Yes. You read that correctly. A fox. On a cord lead. You know who I mean, don't you? That's right, GLTC's clever Mr Fox. The details may say book storage cart, but with rubber-trimmed wheels, our Mr Fox is ideal for wheeling down paths and lanes to collect the gems that can be found in most gardens and villages, or even National Trust properties if you're a city dweller.

Sticks, pine cones, acorns, leaves, feathers, and even the odd remaining conker or two. We're talking crafting gold, here. And all freely adorning forest and garden floors. But what to make with them? A quick search on Pinterest throws up an untold amount of adorable autumn crafts, but a favourite of my two boys? Making a magical staff, something they heard all about at Myth Fest Wales, an outdoor storytelling event (we have an interview with the founder coming soon).

Child playing in the park

A magical staff is part wand and part weapon (pretend weapon, obviously), and the more elaborately decorated it is, the more powerful the holder is said to be. And what better to decorate a magical staff (or fallen tree branch or stick) than our foraged forest treasures. 

Get Crafty: Foraging With Mr Fox And Make A Magical Staff

If you have children keen to dress up as witches and wizards for Halloween, then a homemade staff is the perfect addition to their costume (although, I wouldn't recommend making one the length of ours ... pick a more manageable stick, would be my top tip). It's a great craft for the weekend or half term and one that children can mostly tackle without too much supervision.

Child playing in a park

Wool, string and scissors are the only other needed to tie any leaves, pine cones or feathers on to the staff, and perhaps beads, felt tips or acrylic paint if your children would like to add even more colour. We keep our craft supplies in a Mr Fox carry caddy. It's easy for the boys to move around the house and even outdoors. And yes, it's another fabulous product that currently serves as an alternative to a family pet.

Child playing with wooden book cart and carry caddy

If you decide to make a staff, please share a shot on social media so that we can take a look. And don't forget to use the #mygltc hashtag to be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher.

Get Crafty: Foraging With Mr Fox And Make A Magical Staff
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