World Book Day And The Best New Book Storage

It's the time of year when parents across the UK can usually be found frantically pulling together (or purchasing) a World Book Day costume for their children. And also when schools and pupils debate whether the likes of Luke Skywalker and Superman are actually characters from books, as opposed to films. Teachers insist not, but the children often have proof sitting at home on their bookshelves in the form of a Star Wars annual or activity book.

It's not a battle that we want to find ourselves in the middle of so in celebration of Thursday's World Book Day, we've decided to dress the Sixpence play shop up instead. As a book shop. What do you think?


Sixpence play shop book shop

Our beautiful play shop continues to be one of our bestsellers year after year. There's something about it that really sparks joy and encourages children, and sometimes adults, to let their imaginations run wild.

While it makes for a fantastic book shop selling classic children's books and handmade country character bookmarks, there are so many possibilities. Cake shop, flower shop, outdoor lemonade stall come the warmer weather, post office, sweet shop, vegetable stall or even a toy shop. 

Spin it around and yes it's ideal for puppet shows, but if you're heading off to sunnier climes in the Easter holidays and want to talk to your children about what to expect at the airport, it would make a great pretend check in desk. Don't forget the stern face at the sight of oversized hand luggage!

Sixpence play shop book shop


If your children have enough books to open their own shop but you don't have anywhere to put them, then our huge range of book storage and wall shelves will help you clear the clutter or transform a boring, bare wall into a stunning room feature.

Best of the new book storage

1. Cloud book holder - £50. 2. Star bright wall hutch - £50. 3. Cloud book ledge - £20. 4. Kipling book caddy - £50. 5. Star book ledge in willow green - £25. 6. Star book ledge in shell pink - £25. 7. Star book ledge in white - £25. 8. Star book ledge in grey - £25. 9. Sling bookcase in rainbow stardust - £78. 10. Potter book and toy organiser - £165.


We try not to have favourites but we think that the new cloud book holder is going to be incredibly popular. We're also expecting the star book ledge in that beautiful willow green colour to be appearing on lots of #mygltc tagged photos on Instagram.

Which can you see making its way in to your home? Do let us know in the comments.

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