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Feb 5, 2020 Lisa Neatham
unisex playrooms

Playrooms, or play corners, are not only places to keep toys and games contained; they're spaces for your child to spend time exploring, learning and developing their imaginations. Therefore, they need to be rooms that mix practicality in terms of long-lasting furniture and accessible storage, with gorgeous, child-friendly design that makes them happy and inspiring places to play.

If you have a stand-alone room for your child to use then you don't necessarily have to compromise on all the colour and creativity that your child would like in their playroom. But if the playroom is an adapted corner of your living room or kitchen, you might want to keep things a little more sedate and in line with your grown up décor choices.

Luckily, we have lots of lovely ideas for both. And using storage and accessories that will stand the test of time, from toddler to teen, so that while you might have to redecorate now and again as your little ones grow up, you won't have to invest in new furniture.


Six unisex playrooms to will last throughout childhood

Classic black and white mixed with soft grey accessories never goes out of style and offers a lovely neutral backdrop for the more colourful of children's toys. A comfy rug, tactile rope storage baskets and a cosy bean bag make this monochrome playroom a really inviting place to spend time in. As your child grows, what they store in this may room may differ but with a couple of tweaks to reflect their change in age - perhaps new artwork on the wall - it will still look amazing.

Top tip: Choose furniture with longevity. Our Alba Storage Range is perfect for playrooms but also works well in teen hangouts. It's been cleverly designed to make the most of any space.


Six unisex playrooms to will last throughout childhood

Parents and children alike tend to gravitate towards stars when it comes to playrooms and bedrooms. They're neutral but playful, and can inspire lots of conversations and activities about the solar system and space. Here, we've used a star-themed rug, curtains and canvas cubes; just enough to tie the room together but not too much that it's overly themed. And splashes of navy and red add bursts of cheerful colour that all children will love.

Top tip: Storage cubes and baskets are a great (and inexpensive) way of changing the look and feel of a playroom. Ours come in an array of gorgeous colours and designs.


Six unisex playrooms to will last throughout childhood

Children who love the great outdoors will adore a natural, nature-themed playroom or play space and our Woodland accessories are just the ticket for this calming look. The Woodland Canvas Storage Cubes coordinate perfectly with the Ivory & Sage Rope Storage Baskets and both contrast beautifully with the vibrant orange of our popular (and fun) Mr. Fox Children's Animal Rug. These unisex colours combine to make a great space that will suit tots just as much as older children.


Six unisex playrooms to will last throughout childhood

Grey and yellow are a great combination for any room in the house. You can't go wrong with a classic neutral combined with the colour of sunshine; it's a duo with plenty longevity, for sure. Add our large Zizag Rug for comfort factor and you've got a space that the whole family will be happy playing and relaxing in. Similar to our Alba Playroom Storage, the Abbeville Cube Storage is extremely versatile. It slots seamlessly in to every home and offers accessible storage when your little ones are younger but works in grown up living spaces, too. 

Six unisex playrooms to will last throughout childhood


Six unisex playrooms to will last throughout childhood

For colour-lovers, a playroom encompassing the full spectrum found in a rainbow provides such a fun and creative place to play and learn. Children are naturally drawn to primary colours because they help them distinguish objects from one another at an early age, and they can also have a positive impact on mood, too. The stripes and stars found on our children's rugs, storage cubes, and sling bookcases all complement one another to make the ultimate rainbow-themed children's playroom.


Six unisex playrooms to will last throughout childhood

If you don't have a designated playroom and have instead allocated a corner of your living room as a play space, you'll more than likely want to keep it neutral and in keeping with your overall interiors style but still attractive to your children whether they're toddlers or soon-to-be teens. A limited colour palette of white furniture and soft grey accessories with easily accessible storage makes it a place that children are happy to play in during the day and that adults can relax in during the evening. 

Top tip: The reverse of the Bodmin Play Table table top is plain white so you can turn it in to a coffee table once the kids have gone to bed. Great if your living room doubles up as your child's playroom.

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