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Jan 9, 2020 Rachel Southern
Greenaway front-facing bookcase

We’re not huge fans of the whole ‘new year, new you’ concept. As parents, we have enough on our plates without feeling the pressure to transform our lives at the start of every January. However, we do think it’s a nice time of year to spend some time thinking about any small adjustments that we can make to feel happier in ourselves. Or perhaps little things that we can do around the home to refresh the space that we live in so it becomes a more enjoyable place to hibernate during the winter months. Here are a few of our favourite suggestions – and you can even get your child involved, too:

Tidy up those tiny toys

storage baskets

Tidy home, tidy mind. Or tidy home, easier for mum and dad to relax of an evening. For most of us, we can deal with the fact that once we have children, there will be toys around the house. It’s inevitable. We buy toy boxes and large storage baskets to cope with the abundance and pop them in the corners of rooms to deal with the additions to our once spotless(ish) homes.

It’s the plethora of tiny toys that we often don’t see coming – trinkets from Christmas crackers, Lego figures, football cards, even random googly eyes. Throw them in a toy box and they’ll languish there forever more so they tend to sit in small piles gathering dust on window sills, coffee tables, kitchen shelves and even stairs.

If the sight of them is getting you down and your little one can’t bear to be parted from them, try our Mini Rope Storage Baskets. They come in a set of three, can be popped on book shelves or hung from peg rails, and are easy for children to carry for room to room to collect up their treasures.

Wash, wash, wash

It's fantastic when toys are loved and get used time and time again but how often do you give them a bit of a clean or a wipe down? For most parents, the answer to that question is rarely. But it's actually a great task for children to get involved with, or do by themselves. Pop a towel on the floor, give them a small bowl of soapy water and a cloth and set up a conveyor belt of toys requiring a little TLC.

Top tip: give your child a toothbrush to clean smaller toys - it's good to practise that all-important brushing motion.

Rotate favourite children's books

children's bookcases

A quick way to make a room or play space feel refreshed is simply to rotate things. That could mean bringing new books to the forefront if you have one of our gallery-style bookcases, swapping toys on lower shelves for ones stored higher up, moving storage baskets from one corner of a room to another, or popping a new print, picture or postcard in frames on the wall.

Sometimes, things become so familiar that we stop noticing them - it's the same for both adults and children. Just having a quick sort out and move around can make all the difference.

Replace worn duvets and pillows

For a fresh, new look in a child's room, you can't beat a change in duvet sets. Ours are made from incredibly soft cotton and the different designs are gorgeous. We're always changing our minds about which one is our favourite - the Superhero Bedding Set seems to be winning at the moment.

But it's not simply the outer cover that needs replacing now and again; you need to think about what lies beneath and below, too. When was the last you replaced the duvet and pillows? And is it time for a new mattress? There's currently 25% off our range of children's mattresses if you need to invest in a new one.

A quick lick of paint (or perhaps new wallpaper)

children's wallpaper

After taking down the Christmas decorations, our homes can seem a little bare. One of the easiest ways to give a room a refresh is to touch up the paintwork if it's looking a little lacklustre, completely change the colour of the walls, or even add a little more flair by using wallpaper.

Providing you can find something fun to occupy any little helpers (perhaps a small section of wall to paint themselves, if you're feeling brave), it's a job that can be done over a couple of days and can make such a huge difference for a little amount of expenditure.

Our children's wallpaper is currently on sale if you'd like a new look for your child's room. At £10.40 per roll, the Clouds Wallpaper is an amazing buy.

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