Any day now, if you're on our mailing list, your postman will be pushing our lovely Storage Solutions edit through your letterbox. It's packed with lots of great ideas for a tidier, clutter-free home. And as parents, don't we need all the help we can get to keep the tidal wave of toys at least semi-controlled, particularly in this post-Christmas month?

Children come in to our lives and fill our hearts with so much joy ... and our homes with so much stuff. It’s amazing how many things you accumulate when you have little ones; your home changes beyond recognition.

Where do you put everything?
And how do you stop your home from resembling a scene from Toy Story?

Well, we believe that the secret lies in clever storage solutions – and the occasional clear out. To celebrate the launch of our new storage edit and the fact that it contains some gorgeous new products that you've not seen before, we've rounded up a few favourites that can really have an impact on keeping even the smallest of spaces super neat and tidy.


Stylish storage solutions for small spaces

Kids' Underbed Storage Drawer, Grey Star - £49

First up, if you're short on space, you need multi-functional furniture or storage that really packs a punch. For example, beds with built in storage or beds with room for storage drawers underneath. These are ideal for tidying away games and toys at the end of every day when it's time to quickly transform bedrooms from a play area in to a space more conducive to sleep.


Stylish storage solutions for small spaces

Abbeville White Storage Bench Set With Cushion - £202

Or how about a handy hallway or kitchen bench with storage compartments underneath? They're perfect for perching on and great for hiding away shoes and toys ... things that are used regularly but that you don't necessarily want lying around.


Stylish storage solutions for small spaces

Alba Storage Corner Set - £425

Corners are tricky areas of rooms to make the most of and that's why, when designing our new Alba Playroom Range, we wanted a unit that would slot seamlessly in to these overlooked areas of our homes. Stack up the corner base unit, two corner shelves and the top shelf that comes with the base unit, and you've got the ultimate in corner storage. No more wasted space!


Stylish storage solutions for small spaces

Rope Storage Basket, Ivory & Zigzag - £24

Used with our Alba Playroom and Abbeville Cube Storage or even on their own, you can't go wrong with our pretty, functional and reasonably priced storage cubes and baskets. Choose from colourful canvas cubes, smart woven cubes, wipe-clean oilcloth cubes or slightly more grown up rope baskets. They come in an amazing array of colours and designs and you can still use them for storing books, magazines and remote controls when your children are older and don’t need them for toys.


Stylish storage solutions for small spaces

Buttons Medium Bookcase, White/Grey - £100

Here at GLTC, we pride ourselves on designing classic wooden toys that not only will children love to play with, but that parents will fall for too because they're simply so beautiful to look at. That means that they don't need to be hidden out of sight when they're not being played with but instead, simply stored tidily away on a bookcase or shelf.


There are lots of hidden spaces in our homes that we tend to forget about, but if space is at a premium, we need to hunt them down. It could be bookshelves placed on walls next to beds instead of bedside tables, or how about book ledges in the gap above doors and below ceilings? While not practical for favourite toys and books that your children like to play with all the time, it's a good way to store those that aren’t played with or read on a regular basis.

Stylish storage solutions for small spaces

Pigeonhole Wall Shelf With Hooks, Three Cube - £65

Hooks on the inside of cupboard and wardrobe doors are great for hanging unused bags and accessories or simply placed on a wall for hanging toy-filled tote bags off; a pretty way of keeping rooms tidy, particularly if you buy or customise the bags to match your décor.

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