Storage Solutions: Time for a 2019 Tidy Up

Happy New Year!

Did you have a good Christmas or does it all seem like a distant memory now? It's amazing how we spend weeks, months even, preparing for a handful of magical days and then they're over in a blink of an eye.

It doesn't seem quite fair that after the fun of the festive season, we start a new year in the depths of winter, does it?

As we take down our tree, switch off the fairy lights and put the last of the decorations in their boxes, we're greeted by cold, dark mornings where we have to spend precious minutes sitting in a freezing car while the windows defrost ready for the school run (or wrapping up in many, many layers if you head out on foot).

Winter blues aside, if you're feeling ready to tackle 2019 with a touch of tidying up, we have some great tips for you today. Or if you're still in hibernation mode, bookmark them to read in a couple of weeks time.


 Storage Solutions: Time For A 2019 Tidy Up

First up, it's time to banish the boxes. Unless you're a Christmas 365 kind of person, your halls will now be un-decked and your recycling bags full. If they're still forming an orderly queue in the hallway ready to be returned to the attic or by the back door awaiting the next refuse collection, now's the time to press on before they inadvertently become part of the furniture. Make this the week to say 'until we meet again' to the decorations and perhaps think about taking a trip to your local recycling depot with the Christmas debris. Here are some great tips on what can and can't be recycled.


Storage Solutions: Time For A 2019 Tidy Up

After weeks of walls being lit with a warm glow from an abundance of twinkly lights, it can come as quite a shock when you see them in their natural state again. We're not telling you to launch yourself in to renovation work but it's an opportunity to look at each and every room afresh and think about a spruce up. It could be as simple as moving the furniture around or as bold as a brand new statement wall. Or perhaps it's simply a case of treating yourself to a new candle to replace the festive table display or a lovely lamp for the side table that now looks bare. 


Storage Solutions: Time For A 2019 Tidy Up

Christmas brings gifts. Even if you try to keep a handle on the number of toys entering your home, there are certain things (or certain people) that you can't control (yes, we're talking about grandparents). You may have had a pre-Christmas clear-out but we'd be willing to bet that you're still scratching your head wondering where everything is now going to go. For smaller toys, invest in stylish storage baskets to keep your home organised - they look great in every room. For larger toys, have a look at these sturdy toy boxes. They'll have your house looking clutter-free in no time at all.


Storage Solutions: Time For A 2019 Tidy Up

If everywhere is looking a bit bland and boring after the glitter and sparkle of Christmas, think about swapping, changing, or investing in new room accessories. How about cushion covers in brighter colours, a beautiful knitted blanket draped over the sofa or bed, or even an extra shelf or two to display books and accessories in a more prominent position? It's nice to have a little extra cheer and comfort in our homes and our favourite things around us during the colder, darker months.


Storage Solutions: Time For A 2019 Tidy Up

If you're in need of a reminder that winter will pass, a nod to spring is a good idea. A vase or two of flowers works wonders for cheering up a room but can we suggest popping to the local garden centre for some plants to brighten up your mantelpiece instead? They're a cheaper alternative that offer far more longevity ... if you remember to water them. Choose bright pots to add a pop of colour or traditional terracotta ones if you prefer a more rustic look and feel.


Storage Solutions: Time For A 2019 Tidy Up

Finally, with so many amazing products in the Great Little Trading Co. winter sale, January is a brilliant time to refresh your home for less and perhaps get ahead with your shopping for next Christmas. There's stylish storage, fantastic furniture, and beautiful rooms accessories to choose from and up to 30 percent off our classic wooden toys. Let us know if anything catches your eye and makes its way in to your home.

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