Storage Solutions: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

Here at GLTC, we don't just design furniture and storage with children's bedrooms and playrooms in mind, we think about how each piece could potentially work right across the home. And beyond the early years, too.

Of course, as a parent, you'll inevitably buy certain things for a particular time or stage, like book carts or children's beds (although GLTC make them sturdy enough to be passed down or passed on) but when it comes to storage units or book cases, you want a bit more longevity and versatility from them, don't you?

With Christmas looming - extra visitors, more clutter - it's a good time for thinking about savvy storage and flexible furniture. To give you a helping hand, we've handpicked seven of our favourites that are not only great for children's rooms but will also slot in to any family room without looking out of place.


Storage Ideas: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

Teamed with some of our more colourful storage cubes, the tall Abbeville eight cube unit is great for bedroom corners. But swap those cubes for GLTC's tactile rope baskets and the unit instantly has a more grown up feel to it. Standing at 135 cm high and 69 cm wide, it's a great option for a small hallway. You can pop a whole lot of shoes, gloves, scarves and other accessories in to eight storage cubes and keep your floor and stairs clutter free.


Storage Ideas: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

The Abbeville nine cube storage unit is similar to the eight version but configured slightly differently, as you can see in the image above. Again, it offers so much storage space. Hide away the 'stuff' that children always seem to collect and cherish in to baskets and use the other compartments for books and more attractive toys. You could even put a TV on top if using it in a family room - the unit is made from the best quality materials so is completely wobble free.


Storage Ideas: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

Northcote is GLTC's modular storage range, giving you the option to stack up the perfect storage solution for your home ... and keep adding to it as and when you need to. While it's potentially the best storage system for playrooms that you'll ever come across, individual parts (and sets - see set two in the beautiful kitchen pictured above) of it work amazing well in other rooms, too.

Some of the compartments are the perfect size for storage cubes and baskets but others feature drawers and doors, ideal for shutting away things that you don't particularly want on display or easily accessed.


Storage Ideas: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

The Rackham storage set is made up of three individual pieces: a storage tray, a book (or magazine) shelf and a toy box. Obviously, you can use each one as a standalone piece of storage or alternatively, you can choose to stack them up - they all feature cut out handles making them incredibly easy to lift and manoeuvre in to place. We think it's a great set for living rooms. It's practical, good looking and can be customised with canvas cubes or rope baskets. What more could you want?


Storage Ideas: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

The Pippin toy organiser is a new addition to our storage range and a really clever piece of furniture. The different sections offer so much space to store toys, books, and additional blankets if you choose to use it in a child's bedroom or nursery. However, don't you think it's the ideal piece of furniture for a bathroom? Lotions and potions in the top compartments, make up bags and books for the bath in the middle ones, and fluffy towels in the bottom. Now that's versatile for you!


Storage Ideas: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

For those of you looking for a quirky alternative to a standard bookcase, take a look at the Compass ladder bookcase. It looks good, doesn't it? What might not be obvious at first glance, and what separates it from alternatives on the market, are the upright edges on the sides and backs of each shelf meaning that there's less chance of books and toys falling off. It's the little touches, isn't it? And greenery lovers, we have two words for you ... plant stand! It's crying out to be decked in leafy greens in a corner of a living room. Who's going to be the first to do it?


Storage Ideas: Versatile Storage To Suit The Entire Home

The very recently launched Loxley storage unit is such a family-friendly piece of furniture. There are few who can resist that Scandinavian-inspired contemporary mix of crisp white and natural wood. And look at the tactile handles. They're perfect for both big and little hands.

It's not just a great looking storage unit, it's roomy, too. You can tidy away board games and toys in the bottom cupboard. The middle shelves offer plenty of space for books and trinkets, and there's a place for plants and keys on top out of reach of exploring fingers.

For more ingenious storage solutions, take a look at Great Little Trading Co.'s full range.

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