Storage Solutions: Cube Storage & Storage Cubes

Have you come across GLTC's home grown Abbeville cube storage range yet?

It's a tidy person's dream come true and, coming in three classic colours and a whole range of different sizes and designs, it's the key to a stylish, uncluttered home.

Isn't that what every parent wishes for?

Well, that, and children who put on their school shoes at the first request.

Cube storage and storage cubes


Are you ready to take a closer look at some of the most popular pieces in the range? They come in white, stone and cloud grey and you can customise them using storage cubes and storage baskets. Or both as there's a vast array of colours, styles and fabrics for you to choose from.

With grey continuing to be the nation's favourite colour when it comes to interiors, we thought we'd focus on the cloud grey pieces, today. Teamed with gorgeous monochrome cubes and baskets, it's a super chic combination for playrooms and children's bedrooms; one they're unlikely to grow out of quickly, too.


Cube storage and storage cubes

Starting with one of the smallest in the Abbeville range, this four cube storage unit is practically perfect for any space. From bedrooms to playrooms, living rooms to hallways, it will sit neatly in the corner and come in handy when it's time to tidy toys and books away.


Cube storage and storage cubes

Good things come in threes. Is that how the saying goes? Well, we believe so! How good do the Abbeville storage bench and the Abbeville shelf storage unit look, both with space for three storage baskets?

The gorgeous storage bench is an incredibly versatile piece offering both storage and a place to sit. Use it in a hallway as a place to put on shoes, or perhaps in a kitchen to store toys, books and craft accessories to keep children occupied while you cook.

The shelf unit is great for children to use independently in playrooms and bedrooms. Not only does it have room for three baskets, it also has a low shelf for books and games.

Which do you prefer?


Cube storage and storage cubes

This sturdy Abbeville long shelf unit combines good looks with easy to use, practical storage. The grey painted finish looks fabulous in family spaces. Team it with monochrome accessories such as the large zigzag rug and matching zigzag canvas storage cubes for a really fresh and modern feel.


Cube storage and storage cubes

Of course, if you have the luxury of space, why not mix and match? While each piece stands alone, they look incredible together and offer so much storage potential.

Cube storage and storage cubes


Have we persuaded you that there's a place in your home for our cube range?

Take a look at all of GLTC's ingenious storage solutions.

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