Room Inspiration: No Playroom? No Problem!

Today we want to share a little bit of inspiration for creating play spaces in small spaces. We all know how important play is for young children. It helps them to learn, to discover, to develop, and most importantly, to have fun. And it also means that we as parents can get on with other tasks for a valuable few minutes ... something not to be underestimated!

Most of us don't have the luxury of a dedicated playroom which means finding corners of our homes for toys, toy storage, arts and crafts areas, and reading nooks. This could be in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, or if the weather plays ball, out in the garden.

But how do you organise and zone off these areas and make them inviting without taking over the whole room? Let's have a closer look at some of the products that will help you to create the perfect mini play space.


Children love to curl up with a picture book or story so why not create a cosy corner for them to enjoy their favourites. Section off a small area with a soft, wool rug, choose a wall mounted bookcase to save on floor space, and pop in comfy bean bag for them to perch on.

Dinosaur fans will love this roar-some set up.

Reading nook

Greenaway Narrow Bookcase - £85 / Washable Bean Bag - £65 / Carry Caddy - £25 / Zigzag Rug - £175

Children love to have a place of their own to create and craft at (or begrudgingly do their homework). GLTC's perfectly formed children's desks take up less space than their adult counterparts and offer useful storage as well as being an ideal spot to draw and paint.

Arts and craft corner

Star Wall Shelves - £65 / Rope Storage Basket - £24 / Art Easel - £65 / Mallory School Desk - £200 / Carry Caddy - £25 / Desk Tidy - £24 / Children's Lamp - £40

No matter our intentions when our children are first born, they WILL accumulate a lot of toys, and those toys WILL somehow spread all over the house. It's inevitable. If you want to keep your living room looking less like a playroom and more like a grown up space to relax in when the children are in bed, we have a gem of a product for you ... the Albion Pull Out Play Table.

children's play tables

Now you might think, 'Oh, that's a little too child-friendly and bright for my modern Scandi-themed living room', but you'd be wrong. Not only does it offer a wealth of storage and a great place to play, the lids are reversible. Yes, flip the classic play scenes and underneath the bottom one is a black board and under the top, a plain white surface. So once your children have finished playing and have tidied their toys away in to the two storage compartments, it can become a compact coffee table within seconds. It really couldn't be more ideal for keeping family rooms looking neat and chic.

Want more storage inspiration? Take a look at our full range of toy storage.

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