Room Accessories: Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

From September onwards, interiors magazines are packed full of articles on turning homes in to cosy retreats; a place to hunker down during the colder months. Think roaring fires, candles on every surface, and sheepskin rugs draped on sofas, chairs and beds (and very occasionally on the floors they were intended for). However, we rarely hear mention of children's rooms and what we can do to make them more of a place to snuggle up and relax in.

Here at GLTC, we find that quite strange as children feel the effects of darker days just as much as adults ... sometimes more so. They go to school before the sun is high enough in the sky for them to appreciate proper daylight, it gets dark not long after they return home, and outdoor playtimes can be cut short, or cancelled altogether, if the weather is bad.

Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

Therefore, children's bedrooms need to work extra hard during these months as they tend to be used more than ever. They've got to be a cosy place to play and then a restful space to sleep in. And it can be hard to get that balance right.

While we can't guarantee lie-ins, we do have several products that we'd recommend to make your child's room extra cosy this winter. Let's take a look at them.


Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

'Too hot, too cold, too scratchy, not covering my leg, my face doesn't like it' ... we've all heard so many excuses as to why our children can't get to sleep at night. They may be young, but they certainly have a lot of strong opinions. But when it comes to bedding, we quite agree with them. Soft, snuggly, 100 percent cotton and with enough character to add interest but not so much that it becomes a source of entertainment ... that's what a good children's duvet cover is made of! Add a quilted bedspread or knitted blanket for additional warmth or comfort - they're ideal for dragging off the bed and wrapping around yourself when reading or playing, too - and pop on a couple of extra cushions for a bed come sofa look and feel.


Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

While sitting at a desk or table is great fun for arts and crafts, children seem at their happiest lying on the floor with all of their toys spread out around them. Moving cars backwards and forwards, playing with farm animals, changing dolls clothes ... you name it, the floor is the best surface for it. Even if you have carpet as opposed to a harder wooden floor, we still think a soft rug is the way to go. GLTC's children's rugs are amongst the cosiest out there. They're made from thick wool and come in so many beautiful designs. As there are no leaves to be seen on the trees outdoors at this time of year, how about this gorgeous Woodland themed rug to make up for it?


Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

teepee, or play tent, is the ultimate hideaway from the cold, stormy weather. They're a chance for children to create their own home within a home, or a whole new world. One day it could a be a beautiful book nook with a soft blanket to lie on and twinkly fairy lights draped within the folds and the next, with the flick of a cape, it could be transformed in to a secret superhero lair on a remote island. The possibilities are endless. As our teepees can be folded up and stored away in a mere minute or two, you don't even have to worry about them taking over the room - but if you have the space, leave them up, they offer such an inviting place to play that it's a shame to take them down.


Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

While we want to create cosy bedrooms for our children to play in, we don't want those rooms to end up as messy playrooms that are a nightmare to tidy up before bedtime. The best storage for keeping children's rooms clutter-free is a piece of furniture that makes all of their toys and accessories accessible but perhaps not overly visible - once everything has been tidied away and the lights dimmed for bedtime, you don't want your child to be distracted by their favourite puzzle or toy tractor instead of going to sleep. The Abbeville cube storage range continues to be a bestseller. There are so many different sizes and configurations to choose from and a fantastic choice of canvas cubes and rope baskets to complement your decor. It makes getting out and putting away toys easy but keeps them out of sight when it's lights out.


Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

Finally, don't forget those finishing touches; the little things dotted around the room that add light, texture and extra comfort. For instance, it could be a corner with a book shelf placed at a child's height with a bean bag chair on the floor next to it and a small lamp alongside it. Or how about a library table next to a bean bag and a rope basket with a spare blanket inside? It's all about creating scenarios and spots in a room that encourage your child to curl up contentedly or pick up a toy or two to play happily with. It almost makes us hope that spring takes its time arriving.

Creating Cosy Children's Rooms

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