Room Accessories: A Closer Look At Tomorrow's Clothes Rail

One of the cutest additions to the Great Little Trading Co. range is undoubtably the Tomorrow's Clothes Rail. It's a pretty clothes rail come shelf that sits perfectly alongside a more substantial chest of drawers or wardrobe. But not only does it look great, it's incredibly practical, too. And provides a brilliant first step for children towards becoming a bit more independent.


Well, by encouraging them to think ahead towards the following morning. Have your child select what they're going to wear the very next day and pop those clothes on the rail. It could be their school uniform, sports kit, or even a beloved party dress come the weekend.

It's also a good time saver in the morning. No more frantic running around trying to find clean clothes. There's even a chance that your child might get dressed without being prompted. Something us parents dream of, right? Particularly on busy school days.

We know that you love a versatile room accessory and one that stands the test of time so we put our heads together to come up with three stages of life where the Tomorrow's Clothes Rail would come in handy.

Let's take a look!


Tomorrow's Clothes Rail

During those sleep-deprived baby years, the Tomorrow's Clothes Rail comes in to its own when you need clean clothes to hand. No one wants to be searching through cupboards and wardrobes in the dead of night, do they? Hang a couple of vests and sleep suits from the rail and pop nappies and wipes on the shelf above to make your life a little easier.


Tomorrow's Clothes Rail

We talked about the school years earlier. Get uniforms ready the night before or even hang favourite costumes from the rail ready from impromptu dress up requests. The choice is yours (or your child's).


Tomorrow's Clothes Rail

If there ever comes a time when your children don't need the Tomorrow's Clothes Rail, you could even steal it for yourself. It's perfect for hanging freshly ironed shirts or blouses and ideal for getting prepared for a rare night out.

That's a lot of use out of a £40 clothes rail, wouldn't you agree?

Want more inspiration? Take a look at all GLTC's room accessories.

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