Rocket Crafts for Kids Launching In… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Get ready to blast off on an intergalactic adventure with these toilet roll rockets created for us by Craft Authors, Laura & Tia from @littlebuttondiaries. You may have spied these rockets in photography of our Space Explorer collection as the design is based on the rocket that features in this print. These toilet roll rockets are easy to make even for the littlest of astronauts. You can swap paint for coloured paper for an even quicker make and remember to get saving toilet roll tubes before starting your rocket crafts!

toilet roll crafts


You will need:

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Blue paint
  • Red and white card
  • Dark coloured felt tip pens
  • Glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Gold wool
  • Template (download here)
  1. Begin by painting the outside of the tube and leave to dry. You may need a few coats to get an even coverage.

toilet roll rocket crafts step 1

  1. Use the template to cut two white circles for the windows, a cone for the top and three rocket boosters from red card. Cut slits on the boosters where indicated.

toilet roll rocket crafts step 2

  1. Mark and cut three slits, about 1.5 inches deep, evenly spaced on the bottom of the tube. Slide the rocket boosters into the slits and secure on the inside of the tube with a little glue.

toilet roll rocket crafts step 3

  1. Bend the red cone so the edges overlap a little. Glue or tape to secure. Glue the cone onto the top of the rocket and add the windows to the front.

toilet roll rocket crafts step 4

  1. To make a gold fire tassel, wrap wool around your hand about 60 times, then remove and tie near the top of the bundle to secure. Cut through the loops at the bottom and trim to neaten them up. Glue inside the bottom of the tube.

toilet roll rocket crafts step 5

  1. Add details around the window and on the rocket using pen to finish.

toilet roll rocket crafts step 6

Mission accomplished! Budding astronauts can now travel to new galaxies with their homemade rocket ships. Once the space expeditions are over, we like to display these rockets crafts on a shelf in your child’s bedroom or stick them to the wall to create a rocket-fuelled wall display.

rocket crafts in kid's bedroom

Thanks to Laura & Tia for showing us how to make these fantastic toilet roll rocket crafts for kids. Check out their latest book The Eco Craft Book: Don't Throw It Away, Recreate & Play for more craft ideas.

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