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Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

Jul 29, 2018 Rachel Southern
Wall decorated with townhouse shelves

We think you're going to fall head over heels for today's 'real room'. Be prepared to want it for yourself and not just for your child. It's such a colourful and creative room and we were thrilled to chat to mum, Leoma Harper, about her vision and the inspiration behind all of the lovely little touches.

Type of home: A double fronted victorian house

Who lives here: Myself (Leoma), my husband, my 5 year old daughter and 2.5 year old son. We have two cats: Mila and Pip, and one dog: Alba.

Room: My daughter's bedroom

Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

Can you tell us a little bit about the room and how it's used?

When moving into the house 3 years ago, my daughter's room was mainly just used for sleeping as she was in her cot in those days. Initially this room had a lick of white paint, balloon wallpaper put on a feature wall with fitted shelves over it, alongside a new floor and radiators, which were also updated throughout the house.

Other than that I left it pretty neutral and dressed it with fun, pretty accessories and toys. However this year my daughter has started to use the room a lot more. She loves going to her room to read, draw and play, so I decided to update it a bit to suit her age, by adding a fun bunk bed alongside a new desk.

Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

I created a wall to wall desk space under the shelves using Ikea units and adding a cut-to-size white worktop, making it look more interesting with some fun colourful handles. I used some spice racks as shelves behind this and painted them up in bright colours using old sample pots.

The new bed is a fun house-frame bunk bed that I have painted pink. I created a cosy snug area full of cushions at the bottom and the top is where she sleeps. The whole room has also had a refresh with a lick of paint in Little Greene French Grey and I have added some pretty metallic gold stars to the wall by her bed.

Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

What was your inspiration behind the decor?

I wanted the space to work for her as she grows up at the same time as being fun and colourful. I went for neutral tones on the walls with wall stickers and colour pops, such as painting the inside of doors pink, her bed pink and her desk chair bright yellow, which can be changed easily should she want to add her own style to the room one day.

Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

What does your daughter like best about her room?

She loves her new bed and the fact that she can eventually have sleepovers with a friend sleeping at the bottom. She also loves pink at the moment, so the bed being pink and the inside of her door is a winner.

Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

If you could make any changes, what would they be?

Perhaps continue the wallpaper above the picture rail, however the wallpaper was done a while ago so it would be hard to find the right batch. I might add a canopy over the roof of her bed at some point. Other than that I am really pleased with the room.

We’ve noticed that you’re not afraid to pick up a paintbrush. What’s your top tip for adding colour to a child’s bedroom?

Don’t hold back. Have fun adding splashes of colour around the room. Children love a bit of colour and it’s so easy to paint up little bits of furniture such as shelves and chairs which makes such a difference.

Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

Which GLTC products would you recommend?

The canvas storage cubes are amazing. I have a few of these in each of my children’s rooms. They look good and at the same time provide great storage to hide the clutter.

My daughter also has the townhouse wall shelves in her room which look so cute hung on the wall with little accessories on them and give a great burst of colour.

Real Rooms: A Colourful And Creative Children's Room

We have a few other bits around the house such as the gallery wall bookcase (so handy to keep all the books in one place) and the Eden play table in the play room - this is amazing as it has storage underneath with further drawers below that.

And do you have your eye on any others?

I am very tempted by the zigzag collection, such a beautiful design, especially the large rug and the sling bookcase for my son’s room - he has so many books in his room that need a home.

What makes a happy home for you?

Pets, colour, space storage/tidiness and happy children!

A huge thank you to Leoma for sharing her daughter's room with us. If you want more interiors inspiration you can follow Leoma on Instagram - @styletheclutter - or check out her website, Style The Clutter.

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