Meet our new growing activity table

If you're a parent who's forever clearing pens, pencils and paint pots off your dining table, we think you're going to be very keen to meet the brand new growing activity table. It's a fantastic art or play table with a genius addition ... a roller attached to the side that allows children to quickly roll a length of paper out across the table and immediately get creative. Painting pictures, creating collages, drawing towns and villages for little people to amble through, even mimicking roads for cars to drive across, the expanse of paper offers so much opportunity for children to use their imaginations.

At 104cm wide and 60cm deep, it's perfectly formed to sit neatly in the corner of a family room or a children's bedroom without taking up too much space. And to give it extra longevity, it comes with two sets of legs. One set at 40cm high for younger children and another at 64cm in height to give older, taller children a touch more room to move around the table. Clever, right?

To celebrate this dual possibility, we've come up with two different looks for how the growing activity table could look and feel in your home. One embracing vibrant primary colours and another for those of you who prefer pretty pastels. Let's take a closer look.


Toddlers will definitely be inspired by these colourful accessories that encourage them to paint and craft the day away. In fact, it's proven that younger children prefer primary colours. They stand out more in their field of vision; objects that are bright and fun-looking are more stimulating and interesting to them. Warmer colours like red, yellow and orange promote a feeling of happiness so expect to see paintings of rainbow star-filled night skies and colourful countryside scenes featuring Mr Fox.

Meet our new growing activity table

rainbow stardust washable bean bag £65 / rainbow and clouds felt garland £20 / mr fox carry caddy £27 / you're a star reward chart £24 / growing activity table £145 / red pied piper toddler chair £36 / easel accessory pack £36 / ivory and yellow rope storage basket £24 / ivory and green rope storage basket £24 / bernie's number bus £40 / large rainbow stardust rug £175


In contrast, cooler pastel shades are said to have a calming effect on children, so these ever so slightly more muted colours would work really well for busy older children who like to spend time drawing and crafting after a hectic day at nursery or school. We've included plenty of storage and storage baskets which can hold an extraordinary amount of pencils, paint and play doh, and can be popped under the growing activity table once it's time for bed.

Meet our new growing activity table

pastel townhouse wall shelves £36 / confetti spot children's lamp £40 / bunny clock £30 / confetti spot children's desk tidy £24 / growing activity table £145 / nelson desk chair £72.25 / ivory and grey rope storage basket £24 / pink woven storage cube £16.50confetti spot carry caddy £25 / bunny hop washable bean bag £65 / confetti spot x large rug £220

Which look do you prefer? And what do you think of our new activity table? Do let us know in the comments.

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