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Sep 4, 2019 Rachel Southern
Alba modular storage units

We're so excited to share with you our brand new stylish and stackable modular storage range, Alba. It replaces the incredibly popular Northcote range and we have high hopes that it will be as equally well received and earn a place in your home. Let's take a closer look at it and how to go about choosing the right configuration to suit your storage needs.


Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage

While it says 'playroom storage' in the title, we think you'll agree that Alba is a great option for any room in the house. Yes, it's fabulous for playrooms as you can create a complete wall of storage guaranteed to keep even the most toy-obsessed household clutter free. However, the individual pieces come in enough shapes and sizes that you can configure your very own ideal storage system for any corner, nook or space ... small or large! The range offers a bespoke look and feel that you'd normally only get with expensive built-in-storage. But, if you move house, or want to move part or all of it to a different room at a later date, you can. The classic but contemporary design means that Alba will slot seamlessly in to any room.

Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage


Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage

With so many individual Alba pieces to choose from, how to go about constructing your ideal storage unit/s? Obviously, the first consideration is how much space you have available and secondly, what exactly you need to store away. The starting point is to choose from a regular width base (70.5 cm), a narrow width base (36 cm), or a clever corner base unit. Then, it's time to think about what you want to hide away and what you want to display - or perhaps you'd like the option of both. In a playroom, you may want divider shelves that you can pop canvas cubes on to to keep toys accessible but out of sight; in a bedroom, the cupboard could house tops and trousers; and the shelf would be brilliant in a kitchen for storing recipe books and keeping children's cups and plates at an easy-to-reach height. 

Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage


Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage

Once you've selected your base unit and have thought about what you want to store away/display, it's time to configure your perfect stack. You can stack two further pieces on top of a base unit and top them off with the handy ledged shelf (included with every base). If you're unsure about which units to choose and need a little inspiration, we've combined a few favourites in pre-defined setsWhile our Alba range is fully safety tested, for safety reasons, we strongly recommend that one Anti-Tip Safety Kit (supplied) be used for each separate stack of Alba storage.


Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage

If you have the luxury of space, as well as building up, you can build out. While you could keep things streamlined and opt for multiples of the same stack, mixing and matching sets culminates in a really special bank of storage with multiple options for keeping toys of all different shapes and sizes tidy. If you ever fancy a change, you can simply reconfigure them in a different manner.


Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage

Finally, it's time to add some colour and extra style to your storage units with our amazing range of canvas cubes and rope storage baskets. They make the perfect finishing touch and are great for children to lift on and off the shelves and keep smaller toys tidy and together. They're also quick and easy to change if you redecorate, or if you fancy a seasonal refresh ... pastel canvas cubes in spring, tactile rope storage baskets in autumn, for example.

Meet Alba: Stylish, stackable storage

What do you think? Is our new Alba range for you?

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