Fans of our intergalactic space rug are going love our latest DIY ... a space-themed wall banner. At first glance, you might think that it's beyond a child's capability and that a sewing machine is required. Fear not. While you might have to help your little one (depending on their age) with a quick iron and some of the more intricate cutting out, it's all stuck together with the wondrous stuff that is fabric glue.

Here's what you need to make a space-themed wall banner but feel free to choose your own colour scheme; we're pretty sure that it will look stellar in any colour:

Make your own space-themed wall banner
  • A piece of dark material - charcoal, navy or black - measuring 27cm x 33cm
  • Sheets of felt in your favourite rocket and stars colours
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (Fabri-Tac is our favourite)
  • A 30cm wooden dowel
  • Two 10mm eye hooks
  • A length of thin ribbon or twine

Let's get started, shall we?


Make your own space-themed wall banner

While you can leave the edges of the fabric in their natural state or slightly frayed, for a neater finish fold them in by 0.5cm and then fold them over again by 0.5cm. Run an iron over them so that they stay in place and then glue them down.

Make your own space-themed wall banner

If you're a craft aficionado and know all about mitered corners (a neat way of finishing the corners so that there's no bulk), obviously go ahead and mitre them, but as this is a handmade banner for a child's bedroom, that level of perfection is not strictly necessary.


Make your own space-themed wall banner

Decide what your space rocket is going to look like and what colours it will be. Draw the different parts on the sheets of felt and then cut them out. Place them on the dark fabric to see how they look and to check them for size before using the fabric glue to secure them in place.

Make your own space-themed wall banner

N.B. The top 4cm of the dark fabric will be folded over the wooden dowel so bear that in mind when positioning the rocket.


Make your own space-themed wall banner

What else does your banner need? Perhaps some stars or planets? Again, cut them out of the sheets of felt and glue them around your rocket. If you're stuck for inspiration, you can copy our example or pick your favourites from the space rug.


Fold the banner over the dowel (the fold is roughly 4 cm) and glue the edge to the back of the fabric to keep the dowel in place.


Make your own space-themed wall banner

Finally, screw the two 10mm hooks straight in to the dowel at either end and thread your ribbon or twine through them.

Make your own space-themed wall banner

What do you think? Is it 
something that you'd try making with your children? If you give it a go, don't forget to share a snap and tag @great_little_trading_co on Instagram. Blast off!

Make your own space-themed wall banner

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