We sometimes think that our handy wall shelves are the unsung heroes of our product range and that we don't give them the air time that they rightly deserve. Today, we're rectifying that and dedicating an entire blog post to six of our most stylish children's wall shelves. They help to keep bedrooms clutter-free; they brighten up bare walls; and they also save on floor space by doubling up as brilliant bedside tables. Let's take a closer look at these multitasking marvels.


Wall shelves that double up as children's bedside tables

Part of our popular range of Star Bright Bedroom Furniture, this lovely Star Bright Wall Hutch is great for making the most of spare wall space next to your child's bed or desk. Featuring two roomy compartments and extra shelf space on top, it's a great home for teddies and toys as well as bedtime books and a night light. Not only that, it's super easy to hang on the wall be that next to a single bed or a mid/high sleeper.


Six wall shelves that double up as children's bedside tables

We love this Scandi-inpsired This Way That Way Shelf with its classic crisp white and warm wood combination. As the name suggests, this clever wall shelf can be hung in two different ways. This way, with the brackets on top where they act as bookends and keep everything shipshape. Or that way, with the brackets underneath making beakers of water and night lamps easily accessible if they're needed through the night.


Wall shelves that double up as children's bedside tables

Future aeronauts will adore this seriously cool Bi-Plane Shelf. It's as much a piece of art as it is a place to store favourite books, small toys and holiday momentos. Hung next to a bed, it's sure to inspire dreams of far flung adventures and visits to exotic shores. The red and grey of the bi-plane work really well with our Stardust Bedding Set. They're a match made in snuggly bedtime heaven.

Wall shelves that double up as children's bedside tables


Wall shelves that double up as children's bedside tables

A ledge more than a shelf, this Star Book Ledge, which also comes in pink and grey, is still a great option to place next to a child's bed - or anywhere else in the home for that matter. It sits neatly on the wall keeping books and comics tidy while still being deep enough to house a cup if your little one likes to have a drink of water close by through the night. You could even hang two or three together to create gallery-style wall feature. 


Wall shelves that double up as children's bedside tables

Who doesn't love a game of Noughts & Crosses? Hopefully, this cute display shelf will inspire lots of traditional play in whichever room you choose to hang it in. It's unique design means that there's six different areas for all the treasures, trinkets, story books and soft toys that children like to have near them at night (in order to prolong the bedtime routine by saying 'goodnight' to every single one of them). While it might look like a complicated shelf, it's actually really easy to hang. It comes with a simple wooden ledge that you attach to the wall, and then you just lodge the unit on it.


Six wall shelves that double up as children's bedside tables

Could a book ledge be any dreamier than this sweet cloud-themed one? It's the perfect place to pop favourite bedtime reads and a small soft toy or two. There's also some lovely furniture and room accessories that you can team it up with like the gorgeous Cloud Bookcase and matching Children's Wallpaper.

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