Earth Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

Do you have plans to craft or explore this Earth Day with your little conservationists?

This spring we’re launching an exciting Around the World collection and couldn’t resist making some cardboard animals from different continents for our latest photoshoot. Using our free printable templates, your little explorers can make these easy, recycled Earth Day crafts, too. We love thinking of ways to recycle the cardboard boxes your GLTC goodies arrive in; read on to discover lots of fun Earth Day activities for kids using recycled materials.

Cardboard animals Earth day crafts below around the world wall hanging


You will need:

  • Thick cardboard, preferably corrugated cardboard from a box
  • Our free animal templates (download our Earth Day printables here)
  • A pencil or pen
  • Scissors and/or a craft knife
  • Paints, crayons or felt tip pens
Giraffe, cardboard animals template


Crocodile cardboard animals template

Click the images to download more animal templates

  1. Print our animal templates; there are five creatures to choose from or you could draw your own. Cut out the animal shapes using scissors (practising their scissor grip is great for developing your child’s fine motor skills). For the fiddly bits, like around the ears and tails, children may need assistance from a grown-up.
  2. Trace the animal outlines on to the cardboard and cut out the shapes using a craft knife (we recommend a grown-up does this bit to keep little fingers safe). Don’t forget to cut out the slits on each shape – these will help you assemble your animals.
  3. Decorate your animal shapes using paints, crayons or felt tip pens. We like to paint their bodies, then draw on details with a pen once the paint is dry. Top tip: use your fingers to paint the giraffe’s patches!
  4. Once your animal shapes are dry, assemble your creatures by slotting together the shapes. As long as you’ve used thick card, they should slot together perfectly and stand up by themselves. If yours are a little wobbly, you may want to glue the shapes together.

And that’s it, in no time at all you’ll have an adorable set of animals from around the world. Display your animals on a shelf in your child’s room so they can play with them whenever they fancy going on safari. We love that this Earth Day craft for kids produces recycled keepsakes they’ll play with time and time again.


Boy using binoculars Earth day craft



Use recycled toilet rolls to make this fun and easy Earth Day craft for kids. You could follow this how-to-guide and use ribbon and paint, or why not try this tutorial and decorate yours with washi tape?

Once your kids have made their binoculars, it’s time to embark on some Earth Day activities. Who’s up for bird watching or a nature walk? Be sure to pack our scavenger hunt printables for your adventures in the garden or on wild walks!


Upcycling some empty cardboard packaging into a sensory curiosity box is a super fun Earth Day activity for kids. Challenge their imagination and senses by popping an array of curious objects inside the box. Go for natural items like a leaf, a carrot, or a ball of wool to spark questions about where these things come from.


Add to your cardboard animal menagerie with these toilet roll animals. Print our woodland animals template, cut out the shapes, and stick them to painted toilet rolls to create your own puppets. You could also make a puppet theatre out of a shoe box.

Pop to our play & home learning printables hub to discover more Earth Day activities for kids.


As a family brand, it’s important to us to do our bit to minimise the environmental impact of our business and help preserve our lovely planet for the next generation. That’s why every product we make is made from high-quality materials (such as sustainably sourced wood) and designed to withstand the test of time. Check out our Sustainability page to find out more.

To encourage children to be curious about the world we live in and care about our planet, we’re launching a captivating Around the World collection. Add some world-themed accessories to their bedroom to continue the Earth Day fun all year round.

Boy on kids' around the world themed rug


Not only is our new Around the World Rug a soft place to sit, it provides a launchpad for children to ask questions and understand more about the world we live in and the animals who live alongside us. It's handcrafted from 100% natural wool for maximum cosiness and extra durability.

Boy pointing at around the world wall hanging


Our new Around the World Wall Hanging gives wannabe explorers the chance to travel the world from their room. With the help of this beautifully detailed map they can learn about continents, the oceans, and the animals who inhabit Earth. It’s a wonderful aid to learning as well as a lovely way to brighten up bare walls.


So, what are you waiting for? Reach for the craft supplies, add our Around the World treasures to your wish list, and get set for a global expedition! If you make any of our recycled crafts for kids, tag us in your social media posts, we’d love to see what you make.

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