While it feels a little early to be talking about Easter and egg hunts, if you're a busy parent, these things can creep up on you and before you know it, you suddenly find yourself making a last minute dash to the supermarket for supplies. So, let us help you with some advance planning and preparation. Or, better, still, let us help you get your children involved with some advance planning and preparation.


Based on our beautiful In the Garden design featuring dancing butterflies, gliding birds, and pretty flowers and leaves, we've created a handy easter egg hunt printable. Simply right click on the image below to save it and then print it out (on card as opposed to normal printer paper) for your children to colour in and cut out the eggs.

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt

To help you work out how many to print, each easter egg holds approximately four or five mini eggs. You just need to think about how many children will be taking part in the hunt and how many chocolate eggs you're happy for them to have/eat. 

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Once the eggs have been coloured in, cut out, and the edges glued together roughly two thirds of the way up, either punch or skewer a hole at the top for the ribbon or twine to pass through. It's easier to do this while the paper is still flat and no mini eggs are inside. As soon as the glue has dried, pop your mini eggs in (and keep a couple back for yourself, obviously).

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Then, you simply need to tie the top edges together with the ribbon.

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt

If you have more than one child taking part, we'd recommend using a different colour ribbon for each child. That way, there's less chance of one slightly more competitive child picking up a caddy-full of eggs and leaving just one or two for the others (we speak from experience). Colour coding means that every child should simply pick up their own eggs, making it a fair, square and fun easter egg hunt.

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt


Once your children have made their eggs and you've filled them with chocolate ones, it's time to place them around the garden (or house, if the the weather doesn't play ball).

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Pop them in bushes, gently in-between plants, tucked in pots or on lower tree branches. It's so nice to see the colourful eggs and pretty ribbons peeking out all over the garden.

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt

We might be bias but we think our animal-themed carry caddies make a great alternative to an easter basket. Fox is well and truly at home in the garden and we're sure that Cat would be happy to take part in an easter egg hunt, too.

Get Crafty: In The Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Do share photos if you use our In The Garden printable. We'd love to see them. If you use the #mygltc hashtag, you could be in with a chance of winning £100 to spend on your favourite products, too. Happy easter egg hunting!

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