Cool and creative study spaces for kids

We might refer to them as study spaces, but we all know that a beautiful desk can be so much more than that. Yes, it's a place to sit and do homework, but it's also a spot to colour, to craft, to create, and even to play at being a grown up. While us parents might occasionally roll our eyes at having to go to work AGAIN, and sit at our desks AGAIN, to a child, tapping away at a computer, answering phones, and talking to colleagues can be a world of wonder.

If you've identified a cosy corner for a creative study space, be that in a children's bedroom or a family space like the kitchen or living room, we've got lots of ideas to bring it to life. Fun patterns to stimulate the mind, smart desks and chairs, and brilliant desk accessories and storage to keep things neat(ish) and tidy. Prepare to be spoilt for choice!


Whether its stories, sketches or homework, this navy star study space will have them whipping up all sorts of genius creations. The Atlas desk is super-sturdy and will definitely see your child through tweens, teens and beyond. It has a practical full width drawer, useful shelf space, and a smart, bright white finish which looks amazing teamed with the navy star rug.

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids


Tidy desk, tidy mind! Our Whittington desk has a storage drawer, shelves and a useful notice board to keep surfaces uncluttered - it's a great feature for children who love to collect and pin up tickets, stickers and favourites pictures. The woodland and clouds room accessories add a tranquil vibe. Perfect for moments when crafts have to be put away and homework tackled. 

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids


Our white Faraday desk is sleek, stylish and a favourite with children of all ages. Its simple design also makes it a good choice for a family space as it will sit quite happily in and amongst other furniture. Combine it with a bookcase (the Greenaway mini bookcase holds books, notepads, pencil cases, even stuffed toys) and colourful homemade decorations and you’ve got the perfect creative space. And don't forget a cute desk tidy!

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids


Looking to create an exam prep zone? A minimalist look with simple lines and natural colours, this white and wood theme suits older children’s rooms. Although, with it being such a classic combination, you could comfortably use it in a younger child's room knowing that it would most definitely stand the test of time. Don’t forget to make sure there’s plenty of storage for stationery and books and perhaps a notice board to pin up a revision timetable.

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids


This gorgeous high sleeper bed is just the thing for older kids with sleepovers and homework on the horizon. The chair makes a cosy reading nook during the day, and converts into a spare bed at night. When teamed with the wheeled Tate desk, it offers a really neat study area. Pop a couple of book ledges on the wall nearby to keep books, notepads and stationery to hand. We think this look is going to be a favourite with younger children AND teens.

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids


Our Tate roll-out desk slots seamlessly into this pretty, pastel pink and monochrome room that younger children and teens will adore. It’s a gorgeous yet practical feature that can also double up as a dressing table. Keep toes cosy and add a gorgeous rug and don't forget the matching desk accessories - a carry caddy is ideal for pencils and notepads and can be moved from desk to floor to dining table whenever your child needs a change of scene.

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids


Create the perfect homework corner for science mad kids within a planets themed bedroom. The space rug makes a great centrepiece; and it's a fun way to continue their studies of the universe once homework time is over. Brighter accessories work well with a more neutral background so pale walls and white bedroom furniture would pair well with a more colourful space theme.

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids


If your child would like a muted version of the Tate Underbed Study Space theme, this cloud version is the perfect alternative. If you’re short on space, our Tate high sleeper is the perfect solution. You can fit both a sleepover bed and a desk underneath it. It’s exactly what kids need as they get older. The Tate desk can also be rolled out - or moved to another room - if they fancy a change.

Cool and cosy study spaces for kids

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