Hallway Inspiration

Family hallways can often feel like a busy runway with kids (& pets) flying about. Combat chaos & clutter with our hallway looks focused around smart storage.

cloud grey and willow green hallway

Willow Green & Grey Hallway >

Our Abbeville Small Shelf is a winner when it comes to small hallways. It provides a perch for door keys and flowers (to delight your guests' noses as they enter). Team it up with ivory and willow green storage baskets to keep going out essentials neat & tidy.
large grey and white hallway

Large Grey & White Hallway >

Breathe new life into your hallway with this gorgeous look. Our grey Stacking Storage trunks sit beautifully against a white backdrop and keep shoes and hats close to hand; perfect for when you’re in a rush to get the kids out of the house on time!
abbeville and star bright small hallway

Abbeville & Star Bright Hallway >

Here’s a fab idea to get the most out of a small hallway space: hang our Star Wall Shelves above our Abbeville Bench. This duo provides space for storing shoes, bags & coats, and also gives you somewhere to sit when tying laces and buttoning coats.
stone & ivory hallway

Stone & Ivory Hallway >

Create a swoon-worthy, organised hallway with this elegant combination of stone & ivory. Our Abbeville Long Shelf provides storage for shoes, hats & gloves and is also a handy ledge for house keys and family photos.
stacking storage trunks in hallway

Stacking Storage Hallway >

Our Stacking Storage Trunks are a dream for busy family hallways. They’re great for quickly popping shoes and school bags in, leaving your hallway clear from trip hazards. Mix our grey trunks with wood accessories for a warm, inviting look.
neutral hallway

Neutral Hallway >

Make the most of your hallway space with a storage bench – it'll be the perfect place to sit and pop your shoes on! Our Rope Storage Baskets are also brilliant for storing everyone’s shoes, hats & scarves. Why not assign a basket to each family member?
small white cube storage bench

Small Neutral Hallway >

Good things come in small packages, right? Our Abbeville Small Bench is a superstar for narrow or to teeny hallways. It provides a handy perch to sit on, as well as space for storage, and its neutral white & grey palette makes it a versatile piece for any room.
White cube storage hallway

White Abbeville Hallway >

If you’ve got a roomy hallway, opt for a storage bench, plus extra cube storage to keep shoes and cold weather items neat & tidy. Our Shaker Peg Rail matches up with this neutral, earthy hallway look and is a helpful home for coats and bags.