30 Night Comfort Guarantee


Our 30 Night Mattress Comfort Guarantee allows you to return your mattress to GLTC if it is found to be unsuitable following a trial period of up to 30 nights, and to request either a refund or an alternative mattress.

The ‘30 Night’ period starts from the date of delivery, not the date when the mattress starts to be used. Please note it takes time to get used to a new mattress, so we recommend a trial of at least a couple of weeks before the 30 Night Comfort guarantee is activated.

  •  The 30 Night Comfort Guarantee applies to standard UK single sized and European single sized mattresses of a depth of 15cm or more, that are designed for daily use; our Truckle mattress, Toddler mattress, Bed in a Bag, Sleepover Chair Cushions plus the Merlin & Tate High Sleeper Bed Cushions are excluded. Beds are also excluded from the 30 Night Comfort Guarantee.
  • The 30 Night Comfort Guarantee is only valid for use by the customer who places the original order from GLTC; it can only be activated once per household, and cannot be transferred to a new owner should the mattress be re-sold. Like all our guarantees it is limited to goods sold and retained in mainland United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) and used solely in private residences, not in commercial or rental properties.
  • The 30 Night Comfort Guarantee requires the use of a waterproof mattress protector and sheets throughout the 30 night comfort trial. Failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee.

To activate your Comfort Guarantee, please make sure you follow the instructions below:

  1. If you wish to exchange or return your mattress please contact us to arrange at info@greatlittletrading.co.uk.
  2. The mattress will be collected from you free of charge, but must be returned to us in the bag provided; this will either be sent to you or brought by the collection team.
  3. The product will be checked on collection, and inspected on delivery to our warehouse; if any of the terms and conditions above have been breached, the mattress will not be refunded and will be returned to you at our convenience. You will be liable for the cost of redelivery. 
  4. GLTC reserves the right to refuse to collect a mattress if it is judged by us to be in a dirty or soiled condition, and the comfort guarantee will be invalidated.

If you would like to replace your mattress:

Any replacement mattress will be delivered subject to payment of our standard delivery fee of £15; any price difference between the original mattress and the replacement mattress is payable by the customer before delivery. Please allow 2-4 weeks for collection (dependent on your location), and 2-4 week wait for re-delivery.

If you would like a refund:

Please note we may reduce or refuse your refund to reflect any reduction in the value of the mattress caused by the following: failure to use a mattress protector, if the mattress is in anyway soiled, damp, smelly or dirty, if the mattress is damaged (externally or internally) or mistreated in any way, if the mattress has been stored outside or in damp conditions, if there is any evidence of a pet having slept on the mattress.

Collection will be refused if any of the above are evident when the mattress is picked up; refund or replacement will be refused if evidence of any of the above is found during inspection of the mattress.

Mattresses included in the 30 Night Comfort Guarantee:

L5413   Luxury Duo Spring Mattress - Euro Single

L5411   Luxury Duo Spring Mattress - UK Single

30 Night Comfort Guarantee: Exclusions

L4945   Nutkin Toddler & Cot Bed Pocket Sprung Mattress

L5083    Truckle Mattress - UK Single

L4590    Truckle Mattress - Euro Single

L5414    Bed in a Bag - Blue Denim

L5415    Bed in a Bag - Blush Pink

L5416    Sleepover Chair, Natural

All Beds and associated sleepover/pull out mattresses