Curtain Measuring & Buying Guide

All our Blackout Curtains come in pairs, with pencil pleat styling; they can be used with either poles or tracks and feature three hanging positions for height adjustment.

Before you order

We offer a free swatch service on all our children's blackout curtains to help you make your choice; you'll find a "Request a free swatch" link in the product description.

Once you've decided on your design, use the guide below to find out which length curtain you need for your window.

Step 1: Measure the width of the window space by measuring the pole or track:

  • If it measures between 120-160cm wide then you should order our STANDARD width curtains
  • If it measures between 160-200cm wide then you should order our WIDE width curtains
  • Step 2: Measure the height of your window, from the top of the pole or track:

  • Up to 137cm/54" then you should order our STANDARD length curtain.
  • Up to 183cm/72" then you should order our LONG length curtains.

  • …

    Please note: If the window height is greater than 183cm/72", unfortunately our curtains will not be suitable. But if we don't have the size you need please do let us know, as it will help us decide what sizes to buy in the future.

    If you need help when your blackout curtains arrive please see our guide to Hanging Your Blackout Curtains.

    Guide to Curtain Hanging

    Before hanging your blackout curtains, you need to fix them at the width you want them to be when they are closed. This is achieved by "gathering" the pencil pleat header.

    How to gather your blackout curtains:

  • 1. Tie together the strings in the heading tape at one end of the curtain; if you're hanging a pair of curtains make sure that the opposite ends of each curtain are tied.
  • 2. Pull the loose string ends to gather the curtain to the required width; each curtain should be gathered so that it measures half of the track/pole measurement.
  • 3. Tie the leftover strings neatly at the outer edges of the curtains; don't tie them too tightly in case they need to be loosened for fitting adjustments or cleaning, and don't cut the ends in case they need to be adjusted significantly.
  • 4. Straighten the pleats at the top of the curtain so that they are evenly spaced.

  • On a shorter pole or track, the gathering will be tighter; on a larger pole or track the gathering will be softer.

    Hanging your blackout curtains

    As our curtains have pencil pleat styling, they will need a set of curtain hooks (not provided) to hang the curtains.

    For tracks:

  • 1. Insert the curtain hooks into the middle row of pockets, so that the curtain heading covers the track; the "tail" of the hook should be pointing downwards.
  • 2. Check you have the same number of hooks in each curtain as you have gliders on your track; don’t forget to count the fixed end stops if you are using a track.
  • 3. Attach the hooks to the gliders on the track and your curtains will be hung!

  • For poles:

  • 1. Insert the curtain hooks into the middle row of pockets; the "tail" of the hook should be pointing downwards.
  • 2. Check that you have the same number of hooks in each curtain as you have rings on your pole; don't forget to count the ones at the ends.
  • 3. Attach each hook to a ring on the pole - then you're done!

  • Length Adjustment:

    To make your curtains sit higher or lower, you need to change the position of the curtain hooks on the header tape; it’s easier to take the curtains down before you do this.
    To make the curtain hang lower, move the curtain hooks to the upper row of pockets; to make the curtain hang shorter, move the hooks to the lowest row of pockets.

    Caring for your blackout curtains:

    All GLTC curtains are machine washable. Please wash at 30 degrees and then line dry. Iron the front of your curtains to restore the crisp look.

    Please do not tumble dry & do not dry clean.