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Afternoon Tea Set
Afternoon Tea Set
Regular price £36
Food Groups.
Food Groups
Regular price £19
Five-A-Day Wooden Fruit Box.
Five-A-Day Wooden Fruit Box
Regular price £12
Meat & Fish Play Food.
Meat & Fish Play Food
Regular price £12
Five-A-Day Wooden Veg Box.
Five-A-Day Wooden Veg Box
Regular price £12
Cutting Veg set.
Cutting Veg Set
Regular price £18
Cutting Fruit set.
Cutting Fruit Set
Regular price £18
Lolly & Scoop Ice-cream Shop.
Lolly & Scoop Ice Cream Shop
Regular price £65
Happy Birthday Cake.
Happy Birthday Cake
Regular price £18
Berry Tea Set (wooden)
Berry Tea Set
Regular price £29
Daisy Tea Set.
Daisy Tea Set
Regular price £29
Berry Breakfast Set (wooden)
Berry Breakfast Set
Regular price £25
GLTC Shop Crates (Set of 4).
GLTC Shop Crates (Set of 4)
Regular price £14
Felt Pizza Set.
Felt Pizza Set
Regular price £16
Our lovely play food sets will inspire many happy hours of creative play, but in our experience they also help teach children about nutrition and diet. Team up your play food sets with a Wooden Play Kitchen; we have a wide range to suit every space and budget.