Cloud Underbed Study Space

When you’re short on space, our Tate High Sleeper is the perfect solution. You can fit both a sleepover bed and a desk underneath it. It’s exactly what kids need as they get older! The Tate Desk can also be rolled out if they fancy a change of scenery.

Clouds Study Space


Tate High Sleeper, Ivory & Grey (Grey Star Cushions)
Tate High Sleeper, Ivory & Grey (Grey Star Cushions)
Regular price £899
Tate Desk.
Tate Desk
Regular price £185
Nelson Desk Chair, Ivory
Nelson Desk Chair, Ivory
Regular price £85
Tate white and grey toy cupboard
Tate Cupboard, Ivory & Grey
Regular price £225
white and grey chest of drawers
Tate Chest of Drawers, Ivory & Grey
Regular price £275
Clouds Rug, Large
Regular price £175
Rope Storage Basket, Ivory & Natural.
Rope Storage Basket, Ivory & Natural
Regular price £24
White duvet cover with rainbow stars
Rainbow Stardust Duvet Cover Set - Single
Regular price £38