If there's one thing that parents have too little of, it's time, particularly spare time. Life with little ones is a busy whirlwind of school, after-school clubs, homework, play and countless debates about why teeth have to be cleaned at least twice per day. It can be exhausting. Joyful but with a mere few minutes of downtime once they're tucked up in bed for the night.


Here at GLTC, we're constantly looking for ways to make parents' lives easier and homes that little bit more organised and one way in which we hope to do this is by offering an expert assembly service on our children's beds at a really great price - just £45 per bed.

Children love our handy cabin beds, fun mid sleeper beds and our more grown up high sleeper beds but they can be quite tricky to assemble and can take two people at least a couple of hours to fully build. Even longer, if you've got an excited child keen to help out.

For £45, we can take away the stress, time, and effort of building your child's new bed by assembling it for you. Our expert delivery/assembly team will ensure that your new bed is built to the highest, safest standard and will even tidy everything away for you afterwards. 


Why choose our bed assembly service?

GLTC testing team member, Taryn, recently took advantage of the bed assembly service when ordering her daughter's new Tate High Sleeper. Here's what she had to say:

"I would thoroughly recommend GLTC's bed building service. It took all the stress out of building Ellie's bed for us and was a huge time saver. We chose the Tate High Sleeper which probably would have taken my husband and I all day to build and with a few 'discussions' along the way.

The bed was delivered, assembled and all packaging taken away in less that 2 hours. The delivery team even built the under-bed chair and desk for us too meaning Ellie was able to enjoy her new room pretty much straight away.

They had all the right tools for the job and inspected each piece of the bed for any damage that might have occurred during transit as they were putting it together.

Safety was really important to me having chosen a high sleeper and having had the bed built by a professional gave me real peace of mind that it had been properly constructed."

Why choose our bed assembly service?

Why choose our bed assembly service?


When you buy one of our beds, you're assured of the quality as ALL of our products are rigorously tested for use by children. Not only does spending £45 on our bed assembly service save you precious time and energy it affords you increased peace of mind that your child's new bed is built exactly as it should be. That means a good night's sleep for them and a worry-free one for you. 

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