If you're still looking for the perfect Christmas present for your little one and don't know which of our amazing wooden toys to choose from, then let us help you to decide. We asked some of the GLTC team to share which toy they would have asked Father Christmas for as a child. And these are people who see toys day in, day out so they recognise when something is truly extra special. 


Which toys are on the GLTC team's Christmas lists this year?

For Karen, it's all about pretend play and toys that look and feel just like the real thing:

'I would have asked for the Piccolo Café because I love cooking and cooked with my mum from a very young age. Being able to make pretend pizzas and pasta for my family would have been brilliant fun. But my very favourite part of it….I love, love, love the pepper grinder. It clicks like a real one. Just brilliant!'


Which toys are on the GLTC team's Christmas lists this year?

Toni would have chosen the award-winning Star Beans Coffee Shop, crowned Best Role Play Toy 2019 (Platinum) and Best Interactive Toy 3-6yrs 2019 (Gold) by the team at Loved by Parents:

'I think I would have asked for the Star Beans Coffee Shop. I used to love pretend play and this is so beautiful with lots of little details and lovely colours. The coffee cups, spoons, sandwiches and cakes, as well the wooden stand itself, are mini versions of the real thing. Children will love them.'


Which toys are on the GLTC team's Christmas lists this year?

Head of Marketing, Lisa, would have asked for a toy that would have meant wrapping up friends, family and teddies in lots and lots of bandages:

'For me it would be the Ambulance Doctor's Set (awarded Best Playset 3-6 yrs (Platinum) & Best Toy Invention (Platinum) by the Loved By Parents team). I loved to play doctors and there’s so many parts to it to play with from the stethoscope to hammer and antiseptic cream. However there’s so many other features that I never had such as the syringe that actually plunges and prescription pad. I also love that it comes in a miniature wooden ambulance that you can wheel around. I definitely would have been on my hands and knees wheeling it around the living room playing doctors with all my cousins and grandparents!'


Which toys are on the GLTC team's Christmas lists this year?

It's all about the adorable Miss Cat range for Accessories Buyer, Sarah; a great alternative for children requesting a real life pet for Christmas:

'If I was 7 years old again I would ask Father Christmas for the Miss Cat Book Cart. As a child I always wanted a pet and asked every year for a kitten. If Father Christmas had brought me this book cart I would have wheeled her around with all my other soft toys and she would have become my pet kitten. P.S. I would have named her Penny.'


Which toys are on the GLTC team's Christmas lists this year?

A young Claire would have been head over heels for one of our most popular role play toys - a play shop! It's an absolute classic that most children (and parents) fall for:

'Mini me would have adored the Sixpence Play Shop and a Wooden Till as a gift from Father Christmas. I was always using the keyboard from our family PC as a till and making my own gift vouchers, so setting up my very own shop with the Sixpence would have been amazing. I also loved doing puppet shows, so the fact that the shop spins around to become a theatre would have been the cherry on top for me!'


Which toys are on the GLTC team's Christmas lists this year?

Another fan of our food-themed role play toys, Stacey would have asked Santa for the Piccolo Play Café, too. Here's why:

'I would have asked for the Piccolo Café. Probably coming from more of an adult mind than a child but I just really like the café as there’s so much to it with the different accessories and colours. And it’s so realistic with all the little details - I love the wood-fired pizza oven, twisty pepper and pasta pieces.'


Which toys are on the GLTC team's Christmas lists this year?

And finally, Rachel, who wouldn't have been able to resist our range of Wooden Play Kitchens:

'I would have definitely asked Father Christmas for a play kitchen. And perhaps if I'd received one, I'd now be a better cook. I love all the features that you find on GLTC's wooden kitchens; I can't believe how much the design team manage to cram on them. Twisty dials, heat rings that 'glow', hot and cold taps, tiny microwaves ... they're all so adorable. I can't make up my mind whether I'd have wanted the Marshmallow Play Kitchen or the Pantry Play Kitchen, though. It's a tough choice!'

Winding back time to when you were younger; which of our toys would have made your Christmas List?

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