Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

Feeling festive yet? If not, this Christmas edition of real rooms is sure to get you in the mood. GLTC testing team member, Emily from Brick Dust & Glitter, has sprinkled a little bit of Christmas magic over her son and daughter's shared bedroom. Let's take a look.

Type of home: A family home in Lincoln

Who lives here: Emily, Rob, Raph and Etta

Room: Raph and Etta's shared bedroom

Can you tell us a little bit about the room and how it's used?

It's Raph and Etta's shared bedroom and it was my little goal this year to make it more festive. Since re-decorating a few months ago, it is a really fresh space going into December.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

What was your inspiration behind the decor?

The children’s room currently has lots of pieces from the Woodland range. It is so neutral and as we have a boy/girl shared bedroom it is nice creating a space that suits both kids. The Woodland print is so beautiful and I find it very relaxing - the greens and whites really bring a calm feel to to the bedroom. Adding some Christmas spirit on top of this was quite easy.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

What do you think about the new GLTC festive bedding?

I've been waiting for ages for GLTC to release Christmas bedding. I ended up buying a cheap supermarket one last year and the quality didn’t come anywhere close to GLTC ones. GLTC have such simple artwork - it isn’t fussy and always looks beautiful. Their colour choices are just right so getting some bedding in the new Christmas print was something I really wanted this year.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

Do you have any tips for decorating children's rooms at Christmas while still maintaining a calm place to sleep?

I really believe that a child's bedroom should be calming. A space to come and rest. Even though our children have access to a small amount of toys in their room, it is not a playroom. It’s a space where they spend their time either getting ready for bed or getting up in the morning.

One thing I love about their room is all the books. Reading to the kids is something that we have done every night since Raphael was 10 months old and we realise the importance of that routine. Now he is 7, he still has books read to him every night so their bedroom often focuses on this.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

Since receiving two skinny Greenway bookcases, I have found myself really loving changing the books to match the seasons. It is a lovely way to display them and bookcase also offer up lots of space to put little ornaments. With Christmas coming up they make the perfect shelves for adding decorations to too!

Our Abbeville storage unit is great for sitting Christmas decorations on. I've put a small tree and a nativity set on it. I am sure there will be an elf on there later in December, too. This year I am also going to put their advent calendar in their room - I think it will be more exciting this way!

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

Good storage is a necessity at Christmas with new toys to be found under the tree. Which GLTC product would you suggest to keep bedrooms (or living rooms) clutter-free?

The Abbeville storage unit is one of our favourites. It has fancy dress clothes in all of the bottom baskets and the kids' coats and shoes in the top. I find this helps keep downstairs clutter free. This unit is also great for toys and has been full of them before but as the kids have grown, we have moved stuff around to keep it a useful piece of furniture. We also have loads of the GLTC storage baskets. The wooden ones, rope ones and canvas ones, and we love filling them up with everything.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

For parents still looking for the perfect present, do Raph and Etta have a favourite toy?

This Christmas, Etta's grandma has bought her the GLTC doll's house which will take pride of place on the Abbeville unit when all the decorations get put away. Raph has had the pirate ship for a few years now and it sits just next to his bed as he loves playing with it!

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

And what's on their Christmas lists for this year?

This year the kids were very keen to ask for toys they haven’t ever had before. Usually, they ask for similar themes each year but Raph really wants roller blades and Etta wants a fairy garden.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

What does your Christmas Eve look like? Do you have any family rituals?

On Christmas Eve we spend time as an extended family. It's my youngest sister's birthday and we all have dinner together. Our family is changing and even though different members are around each year, we always try to follow the same traditions. We get to open one present and we read The Night Before Christmas. Then we leave out mince pies before the children head up to bed, and then Rob and I usually watch a Christmas film if we are not too tired.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

And finally, what makes a happy home for you?

For me, I find that keeping my home in order makes a happy home. Too much clutter makes me feel claustrophobic. I don't have time to clean every day but making sure that everything has a place to be put away means that we can quickly tidy up. At Christmas time, I love being able to put all the usual decorations away and have a month or so of just Christmas things.

Real Rooms: A Fabulously Festive Shared Bedroom

Thank you so much to Emily for sharing Raph and Etta's room with us. Take a look at our Christmas range to recreate a similar look and feel in your home.

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