With living rooms and the family Christmas tree being the main spectacle, we often forget - or don't have the time - to think of adding a little festive cheer to other places in the home. Perhaps we put decorations or sprigs of holly on the dining table ready for the main meal or a wreath on the door to welcome guests, but other rooms are less likely to get the magical treatment, aren't they?

Here at GLTC, we love the idea of adding a special touch or two to children's rooms in December. After all, and we think most parents would agree, it's a holiday that tends to be about those sweet little faces and watching them get swept up in the wonder and joy of it all. Why else would we try so hard to keep the secret of the big guy in red delivering presents to the children of the world on Christmas Eve?

Decorate your child's bedroom for the festive season

We have some beautiful decorations that we think your children would love ... and would love to decorate their rooms with. Sweet garlands, sumptuous stockings, super cute sacks, and seriously snuggly Christmas-themed bedding. Shall we take a closer look? And shall we see how some of our customers and testing team have been using them in their homes? Let's go!


Decorate your child's bedroom for the festive season

Our Felt Christmas Garland and set of three Felt Christmas Tree Decorations are positively brimming with the traditional festive cheer that little children love. The garland measures 1.3 metres long and features reindeers, Father Christmas, stars and Christmas trees. It's so cute and looks lovely hung across a window - perhaps to let Father Christmas know that a well behaved child lives in this house!

The felt decorations - a Father Christmas, a reindeer and a gift-giving squirrel - are the perfect size for little hands to comfortably pop on a tree. Perhaps a tree of their own in their bedroom? You can pick up pint-sized potted trees for a few pounds that are perfect for children's bedrooms. Top them up with water every couple of days to keep the needles at their best and then you can plant them in the garden in the New Year.

Decorate your child's bedroom for the festive season


Decorate your child's bedroom for the festive season

You don't want to save our beautifully designed sacks, stockings and Christmas-themed bedding for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Hang the stockings from the end of the bed or a hook or peg rail throughout December. And our personalised Christmas sacks can be used to keep toys tidy while waiting to be filled with presents. We think our Christmas Bedding Set deserves to be brought out every December 1st along with your child's advent calendar. It's made from 100 percent cotton percale so will last for years and years, just like the very best traditions.


Decorate your child's bedroom for the festive season

A firm favourite with both parents and children alike, is our classic, wooden nativity set. It's a lovely way to reaffirm the story of the first Christmas in a child's mind and means that they can reenact the Nativity - which they're likely to be talking about and performing in their Christmas concerts - at home with their own mini figures. Each one is beautifully painted and is just the right size and shape for little hands to hold and move around the stable. They're made to be touched so don't worry about keeping them out of reach. Pop them on your child's book case or bedside table during December.


Decorate your child's bedroom for the festive season

We love these photos shared on Instagram by @treloweth, @3littleladiesandme and @hotpinkwellingtons. You can see exactly how snuggly our beautiful bedding set is and how lovely our Christmas decorations look in children's bedrooms ... and how much they're loved, too. Want to know something extra special about our range of decorations? Well, if you're quick, you can get up to 50 percent off them (offer now ended). Happy shopping!

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