A spotlight on our clever Compass bookcase

While I, Rachel, work for GLTC, with two children aged eight and six, I’ve also been a customer for many years. As you can imagine, my favourite products have tended to change as the boys have gotten older – from soft rugs as they were starting to crawl and walk, to the Merlin high sleeper bed which my eldest (and all his friends who come to play) thinks is quite possibly the coolest piece of furniture ever.

With every new season launch, there’s always a couple of products which I desperately try to find space for in my home – the primary coloured rope storage baskets and Potter book and toy organiser from the recent spring 2019 catalogue - but there’s one item which has been consistently used and loved in my home for quite some time now, and as a result, I think it deserves a little bit more attention.

What is it?

Well, it’s the simple but stylish Compass bookcase.

When buying new furniture for our home, I always try to pick pieces that will stand the test of time (not easy when your children view every room as a makeshift rugby pitch) and that can easily move between rooms. It’s surprising how much of a difference moving a piece of furniture from one room to another can make. For me, the Compass bookcase ladder is a product that ticks all the boxes – it’s well made, looks great, and can happily (and usefully) slot in to any room of the home.

Let’s take a look at in three different locations – two styled specifically for images for the GLTC website and catalogue and one very real-life version … my six-year old’s bedroom!


A spotlight on our clever Compass bookcase

In a living room, the Compass bookcase is the perfect piece of furniture to combine kids toys and books on the lower shelves, with plants and picture frames out of reach on the higher shelves. One of the genius things about this bookcase is the fact that each shelf has upright back and side edges to stop things falling off or behind. The bottom shelf is the perfect size for two canvas cubes meaning the any mess can be quickly hidden away when the kids go to bed and you want to claim your living room back for a more grown up evening.

A spotlight on our clever Compass bookcase


A spotlight on our clever Compass bookcase

Because it's only 41cm deep, the Compass bookcase is also ideal for even the narrowest of hallways. Choose two of GLTC's sturdy rope storage baskets for school shoes, pick a spot for school books and homework projects, and that still leaves two shelves free for keys, change, mail and a family photo. The bookcase is made from thick, tough MDF with a durable painted finish so you can trust that it will remain in great condition even in high-traffic areas. For extra safety, think about fitting the anti-tip safety kit that comes with it, though.

A spotlight on our clever Compass bookcase


A spotlight on our clever Compass bookcase

Finally, the Compass bookcase really is perfectly sized for a child's bedroom. As the shelves are decreasingly shallower the higher up they go, it doesn't dominate the room as much as a larger storage unit. It fits in awkward spaces while still providing plenty of room for baskets, games, books and toys, and note how the Lolly & Scoop ice cream shop sits proudly on that middle shelf. I was able to place the bookcase slightly overlapping with my son's window because the gaps between the shelves still let the light through. Again, for younger children, think about fitting the anti-tip safety kit. You don't want to worry about them using it as a climbing frame in the middle of the night.

A spotlight on our clever Compass bookcase

What do you think? Is the Compass bookcase for you? Why not check out GLTC's full range of clever storage solutions.

Addition: please note the Compass bookcase has now been discontinued and replaced by the Tiered bookcase.

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