A guide to our children’s beds

It's one of the things that parents across the UK discuss at length and that we receive the most questions about, too.

Which bed do I buy for my child?

It's not an easy question to answer. Some beds are designed for specific ages, others will only fit in certain size rooms, and then you have to take in to consideration which bed your child will feel most comfortable in.

While it's difficult to point you in one direction and say, 'absolutely, that one!', we can help you to narrow down a shortlist and make a more informed decision. A good bed is an investment and we'd like you to find the perfect one for your child.

Let's take a closer look at the children's beds GLTC has to offer.


A guide to GLTC's children's beds range

Some parents choose to skip a toddler bed and go straight to a single bed. But for others, the leap from cot to full size single can be too big a jump. A toddler bed offers a gentle transition. They're compact, low to the ground and teamed with our gorgeous toddler bedding, will give your child the same feeling of cosiness and security that they felt in their cot or cot bed. A toddler bed is also a great option if your child's room is the box room. It means more space for toys and storage until they're absolutely ready for a single bed.

View the entire toddler bed range.


A guide to GLTC's children's beds range

Our single beds are built to last (they come with a five year warranty) so when you buy one, you can be confident that it's going to remain in your home for years to come. We recommend them for children aged 4 and upwards and, with the right mattress, they're comfy enough for adults, too - handy if you fall asleep while reading a bedtime story. A little higher off the ground compared to toddler beds, you'll be able to pop underbed storage drawers or a truckle bed underneath our single beds. Perfect for extra storage or sleepovers.

View the entire single bed range.


A guide to GLTC's children's beds range

Moving on to every child's dream ... bunk beds! It's rare for a child not to request bunk beds at some point in time. There's something about them that children love. Perhaps it's being able to sleep on the top bunk or it could be the opportunity to transform the bottom bunk in to a den or hideaway or have a friend sleep over.

They're also the ideal choice for siblings who share a room as they take up a lot less floor space than two single beds. If you opt for the Griffin Bunk Bed, it converts in to two single beds if your children decide that they no longer want to share or the arguments over top bunk occur a little too frequently for your liking.

Age-wise, we advise 6 years + for top bunk and 4 years + for the lower bunk. We'd also recommend a clip-on bunk bed light for extra illumination should your child need to get up in the night.

View the entire bunk bed range.


A guide to GLTC's children's beds range

Cabin beds and mid sleeper beds are amazing for small spaces. They're beds that really pack a punch in terms of how hard they work in a room. Opt for one like the fun Paddington mid sleeper which has a smart canopy surrounding it. The space underneath can be used for storage, sleepovers or a cosy play space or reading nook.

One of the benefits of a mid sleeper over a high sleeper is that your child is still at 'hugging' height. As a parent, it's lovely to be able to lean over and stroke your child's hair or check that they're okay. 

View the entire mid sleeper range.


A guide to GLTC's children's beds range

High sleepers are ideal for older children and teenagers. With their desks and sofas that transform in to beds, they're perfect for homework and sleepovers. While they look super cool, the beds themselves are quite high up so can be quite a daunting climb for younger children. We recommend them for children six years and upwards but if you have a nervous sleeper or a nighttime waker, it could be worth waiting until they're just that little bit older and more confident.

View the entire high sleeper range.

And once you've decided upon your child's bed, then comes the mattress decision. But don't worry, we have a handy mattress buying guide for you, too. We're always here to help if you have any additional questions, though.

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