Nimbus cabin bedroom with space explorer accessories

Space explorer teepee in a playroom
Space explorer accessories
Space explorer rug

Space bedroom

Space themed bedroom
Space bedroom

Space Explorer Collection

Transport your child to the Milky Way! This look draws on colours of different planets to create a cosmic vibe. Our Space Explorer Rug is a must-have for aspiring astronauts who love learning about our solar system.

Space Explorer Rug, 180 x 120 (cm)
30% off
Canvas Storage Cube, Space Explorer
20% off
Washable Bean Bag, Space Explorer
15% off
Wooden Space Toy
30% off
Rope Storage Basket, Ivory & Galaxy Blue
Reward Chart, Shoot for the Stars
25% off
Canvas Storage Cube, Grey Stardust
25% off
Wall Hanging, Space Explorer
30% off
Glow in the Dark Play Teepee, Space