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Rackham set 3

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Rackham Collection

Here, there, and everywhere! Stack up a set of Rackham units for versatile storage in any room in the house. Suitable for small spaces or open-plan living, they’re stylish, sturdy, and easy for children to access.
Rackham Storage Set 1 (Toy Box, Book Shelf & Tray)
Rackham Storage Set 2 (Toy Box & Tray)
Rackham Storage Set 3 (Book Shelf & Tray)
Rackham Storage Set 4 (Book Shelf & Toy Box)
Rackham Book Shelf
Rackham Storage Tray
Rackham Toy Box
Carry Caddy,  Rainbow
Mini Rope Storage Baskets (Set of 3)
Rope Storage Basket, Natural
Rope Storage Basket, Ivory
Rope Storage Basket, Dark Grey