Grey Stardust rug in family living room

grey stardust kids' bedroom

mid sleeper bed with grey stardust curtains

Grey stardust kids' single bedroom

Grey Stardust Collection

Our Grey Stardust collection has a timeless charm – it’s a neutral, fresh look that both you and your kids will love for years to come. Keep it elegantly neutral or add pops of colour for warmth and interest.

Star Bright Wardrobe, Cloud Grey
Star Bright Chest of Drawers, Cloud Grey
Star Bright Bedside Table, Cloud Grey
Merlin High Sleeper with Desk, Grey Stardust
10% off
Paddington Mid Sleeper, Grey Stardust Curtains
10% off
Paddington Bunk Bed, Grey Stardust Curtains
20% off
Star Bright Single Bed, Cloud Grey
10% off
Star Bright Single Bed - Cloud Grey & Classic Mattress
Tate ivory chest of drawers
20% off
Tate Cupboard, Ivory
20% off
Grey Stardust Rug, Large
15% off
Grey Stardust Bedding Set - Single
10% off
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