Bunny Hop Collection

Hoppity, hop, here come some lovely bunnies! Children will adore our gorgeous Bunny Hop collection; you’ll find it’s hard to resist the complete range. Match it up with our contrasting monochrome designs for a jazzy finish.

Bunny Hop Phoenix Bunk Bedroom

Bunny Hop designed playroom

Bunny Hop Toys


Tate Bunk Bed.
20% off
Tate Bunk Bed
Regular price £520 was £650
Tate white and grey toy cupboard
20% off
Tate Cupboard
Regular price £180 was £225
Tate Desk.
20% off
Tate Desk
Regular price £148 was £185
Nelson Desk Chair, Ivory.
Sold out
Nelson Desk Chair, Ivory
Regular price £85
Underbed Storage Drawer, Grey Star.
20% off
Underbed Storage Drawer, Grey Star
Regular price £36 was £45
Bunny Hop Rug, Large.
30% off
Bunny Hop Rug, Large
Regular price £122.50 was £175
Lolly & Scoop Ice-cream Shop.
20% off
Lolly & Scoop Ice Cream Shop
Regular price £48 was £60
Extendable Bookends.
20% off
Extendable Bookends
Regular price £22.40 was £28
Square Teepee, Zigzag.
20% off
Square Teepee, Zigzag
Regular price £64 was £80
Poppins Toy Chest & Bunny Hop Cushion.
Poppins Toy Chest & Bunny Hop Cushion
Regular price £190
Poppins Toy Chest & Zigzag Cushion.
Poppins Toy Chest & Zigzag Cushion
Regular price £190
Children's Blackout Curtains, Pink Spot - W135 x L137 (cm).
30% off
Children's Blackout Curtains, Pink Spot - W135 x L137 (cm)
Regular price £52.50 was £75
Quilted Cushion, Grey Star.
25% off
Quilted Cushion, Grey Star
Regular price £16.50 was £22
Phoenix Single Bed, White.
20% off
Phoenix Single Bed, White
Regular price £280 was £350
Underbed Truckle, White.
20% off
Underbed Truckle, White
Regular price £180 was £225